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Bryan Miller: Hysterical

I watched some of the video of the debate between he and the PA mom who carried to a soccer game here. Bryan Miller’s constant PSH comes out even more so in real life. His assertion that carrying a weapon automatically intimidates everyone is absurd on its face. He became belligerent rather quickly. Meanwhile, the soccer mom maintained her composure; laughed when appropriate; and was sociable.

Even better was when that idiot New Jersey cop said, and I am not making this up, that it’s dangerous to carry a gun because if you have one and the SWAT team shows up, they might shoot you. So, instead of relying on the police to do their job and actually ascertain the situation correctly, I should just remain unarmed until then? Idiot.

Thirdpower has more, including a list of falsehoods Miller stated.

Greg was amused at Bryan Miller becoming frustrated. Easy to get frustrated when you position is based on lies and hysteria.

3 Responses to “Bryan Miller: Hysterical”

  1. Jay Says:

    That was good. It’s seriously time for Tom Adkins however, to do something about that hair.

  2. Lyle Says:

    “…if you have one and the SWAT team shows up, they might shoot you.”

    We could make jokes about stupid cops, but this is in fact a very real concern. Any decent self-defense teacher will bring this up. And put your gun down when they arrive. Yeah; you pull a gun for any good reason and in dealing with the perp(s) you’re exposing yourself to a new set of risks. That applies to cops too. What am I missing here?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Lyle, it’s a real risk. But should it dissuade you from carrying?

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