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Speaking of those gun sale increases

BioDefense Corporation thinks the increase in gun sales could cause terrorism. Somehow, people buying guns will lead to an increase in potential for biochemical attacks. No, really.

2 Responses to “Speaking of those gun sale increases”

  1. BobG Says:

    After reading the article, it looks like what BioDefense is doing is a feeble attempt at a marketing ploy by exploiting the MSM phobia against guns. They erect a strawman, and then sell the defense against him.

  2. Steven Swartz Says:

    This was not a “feeble attempt at a a marketing ploy” and no one at BioDefense is anti-gun — quite the opposite. Use of the words “anthrax” and “white powder hoax” by print, broadcast and online media number in the thousands every week. A Texas-based radio talk show host — and gun dealer — has urged his listeners to buy more guns and ammunition in light of the election, and this was reported by the Asssociated Press and other networks. In these tense times, soaring sales of guns indicates a lot of unrest. Yes, we’re trying to get the media’s attention to focus on bio-chemcial assaults. It’s been an eye-opener that gun owners are so sensitive and quick to complain — but you can’t use a gun against a 42 cent stamp on an envelope containing a deadly cchmical. The word “gun” however, does get media attention, which is the objective.

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