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How to create a blog buzz

In the past, people would ask me advice on how to become a reasonably popular blog and I’d tell them to 1) travel back in time to 2001; and 2) be a chick.

There’s another way: Negligently discharge a firearm and blog about it. Some good discussion and comments:








8 Responses to “How to create a blog buzz”

  1. Murdoc Says:

    Probably would have been even more popular if you had shot yourself in the foot. Not really recommended, though. Popularity is overrated.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    You forgot 3) Post pictures of yourself. =)

  3. mike w. Says:

    Particularly true if you’re a chick Rusty.

  4. Jim Mullins Says:

    Did the same thing years ago with a 1911. Decided cocked and locked was the better way to go. Was following Rule # 1 at the time. All three children slept through the incident.

  5. Paul B Says:

    Had and AD myself the other day. Luckily the weapon was pointed up. Pretty dumb move in any case.

  6. Joat Says:

    4) Witty original content, not just an end less series of links. 😉

  7. julie Says:

    i’ll aim to stick to 1 out of 3 …. travelling back in time is just way too difficult and i’m going to try real hard to avoid an ND ever.

  8. marsha Says:

    With the recent surge of people buying guns, I’m thinking the accidentally discharging a weapon is going to occur more frequently…good result in a few great blogs.