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Some neo-Nazi bone err skin heads decided to try to kill Obama. Ok, more likely, the neo-Nazi shit err skin heads got on Al Gore’s internets and entertained delusions of not being retarded and planned to kill black people and, ultimately, targeting Obama. The ATF was probably perusing stormfront or some other hotbed of racist douchebaggery, caught wind of it and moved in. I’m actually wondering just how credible a threat these two doofuses were? Yeah, they’re just kids but so were those two dipshits from the Columbine shooting. I’m not faulting the authorities for moving in and I do think they did the right thing. But I have to wonder if these two bozos were really a credible threat?

5 Responses to “Credible?”

  1. drstrangegun Says:

    Dumb enough to plan it…. not a terrible threat.

    Dumb enough to try it? Well, there you go.

    At least we’ve got these two idiots off the street before something tragic happened.

  2. Paul Simer Says:

    Motivated enough to commit a massacre at a high school, perhaps, but that’s easy.

    Skilled enough to have even the remotest chance of tagging a VIP under Secret Service protection? Extraordinarily slim, especially considering their “plan” for the attack.

    Had they not been caught (and kudos to the authorities for catching them!) they possibly could have caused a real tragedy somewhere, but even if they survived and escaped it, I doubt they could have bagged a governor, much less a presidential candidate.

    Hard vs. Soft targets.

  3. LibertyNews Says:

    It certainly looks like they were a threat, but given their level of stupidity I doubt they would have had much of a chance against the Secret Service agents who protect Obama.

    Now, the gun free zone, that’s a different situation as we all know. I have to chuckle a bit though. Drawing swastikas on their car? Did they think noone would notice that?

  4. Sean Braisted Says:

    I agree, credible threat to some random black people, not such a credible threat towards Obama. Whether they would’ve gone through with or not is anyone’s guess, but it appears as if they were already in the process of robbing homes to pay for the weapons, and had mapped out a gun store to rob.

  5. Kristopher Says:

    They at least provided PC for a search … I’m sure these bozos managed at least one 922r violation.

    Screw them.

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