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Bad News*

This isn’t going to help Tennessee’s image any, and you can be sure the Brady Bunch will demagogue the holy shit out of it.

* – I should note that it’s very good news that the plot has been thwarted — the bad news is the inevitable spin that will come of it.

13 Responses to “Bad News*”

  1. thirdpower Says:

    “But officials could not describe how advanced or credible the plot was,”

    Translation: Two dumb*sses were running their mouths on StormFront or some other messageboard that the ATF was monitoring.

  2. chris Says:

    im guessing that their robbery scheme got busted and then they decided to brag about how they were going to go further than that… they bragged about something that was way outside of their ability to pull off.

  3. Sebastian Says:

    I’m really worried all the crazies are going to lose their shit if Obama wins. We are fortunate indeed that these two jerk offs were arrested before they could make things difficult for all of us.

  4. chris Says:

    looks like they were charged in part with an NFA violation for cutting a 12ga down to 16″

  5. Smacklug Says:

    Yeah, uh, I’m kind of worried more about these types of dickheads than whatever the fuck ARFCOM is tweaking out about.

  6. Rustmeister Says:

    Note, the other guy was from West Helena, AR. The same town that went under “martial law” a little while back.

  7. Jim W Says:

    They were arrested over pictures of guns and stupid racist talk on myspace.

    There was no plot, just two morons arrested for their stupidity.

  8. memomachine Says:


    It’s the ATF.

    Honestly that makes me wonder about it almost immediately. After all the other “three letter agencies” are all scoring headlines in one fashion or another. ATF? Not so much.

    Well except for appearing like clowns.

  9. Lyle Says:

    You felt you had to point out that you believe it to be good news that the plot was thwarted?

    memomachine; The ATF is a five letter agency, last time I counted.

  10. tgirsch Says:

    You felt you had to point out that you believe it to be good news that the plot was thwarted?

    You’d be surprised at what I’ve been accused of in the past when I’ve failed to point out the blindingly obvious…

  11. Guav Says:

    This is more along the lines of that “terrorist plot” by those wacky Black Hebrews or whatever they were who were “plotting to blow up the Sears Tower” …. “plotting” being talking a whole lot of shit about stuff they could never pull off.

    Read the affidavit, it’ll make you almost feel pity for these two stupid losers.

  12. Lyle Says:

    tgirsch; Youd be surprised at what Ive been accused of in the past when Ive failed to point out the blindingly obvious

    You must be a little (what’s the word we gun owners are always being called when we point out the glaringly obvious fact that some peole are actually out to get us? Oh yeah) paranoid.

  13. tgirsch Says:


    Difference is, I’m willing to admit that I was being paranoid. 🙂

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