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On the NRA Endorsement

The AHSA and Brady Campaign in a seemingly coordinated message have pressers on the endorsement. The sound like Gun Owners of America.

Apparently, Bob Barr thought he had a shot since he’s a board member.

Now, the NRA has had issues with McCain. But the endorsement in this case seems to be he’s not Obama, which is pretty much my feelings on the issue. McCain, supporting requiring background checks on private transfers of firearms and the incumbent protection act err campaign finance reform, is not high on my list of favorites. But he’s not hostile to gun rights. Obama is. And McCain simply is the most pro-gun candidate in the general presidential election that we’ve had in 20 years. Clinton was out right hostile to gun rights. And both Bushes weren’t exactly friends of the second amendment.

8 Responses to “On the NRA Endorsement”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Even Ronald Reagen supported passing the Brady Act, even back when that meant waiting periods.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    So, 40 years? Yowza.

  3. Justin Buist Says:

    I just dont’get it.

    The NRA didn’t endorse Dole in ’96, right on the heels of Clinton signing the AWB. Why not?

    Is the NRA just more political now or was Dole a giant d-bag on gun rights?

  4. Manish Says:

    presumably Reagan supported the Brady Bill in 1984 and not in 1980 right?

  5. Bitter Says:

    Well, it’s not just that McCain is not Obama, you do have to look at the full ticket. And I don’t think we could ask for a better advocate in DC than Sarah Palin. She doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to be a voice on the behalf of our rights in that city.

  6. Xrlq Says:

    More than 40 years. Nixon was no gun rights champ, either. If McCain wins he may well prove the most pro-gun Prez in modern history.

  7. Sebastian Says:

    I think the most pro-gun President we had prior to Reagan was actually John F. Kennedy 🙂

  8. Sebastian Says:


    In 1996, NRA had a Republican Congress as a check on Clinton. It was safe not to endorse him. We will have no check this year. We’re looking at a possible filibuster proof majority in the Senate. We’re looking at much larger Democratic majorities in The House.

    Not endorsing Dole was safe. Not endorsing McCain means the road is paved for the next Assault Weapons Ban, which won’t have loopholes, and won’t have a sunset.