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Watching the debate

Are you?

I guess Biden thinks that corporations actually pay taxes without raising prices? Or, you know, you could sprinkle pixie dust on it.

Moderator asked a dumb question. Both candidates evaded. Palin was called out for evading and not Biden.

Palin rightfully points out that the .gov is often the problem. Unfortunately, it’s her party that’s been running it for the last few years.

Update: just me or does Biden always get the last word?

Update 2: Asked what Biden would do if he became president, he rattled of a list of things that was fairly long. Say, if this VP gig doesn’t work out, maybe you should run for Senator so you can write laws to do those things . . . oh . . . nevermind.

16 Responses to “Watching the debate”

  1. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Regardless of what you think about the issue…goddamn if Palin didn’t sound like a complete idgit talking about climate change. That was embarrassing.

    Ugh Biden doesn’t sound all that much better.

    This is hard to listen to.

  2. Bitter Says:

    When they let her off the leash and she just talks – the undecided voters CNN is tracking go through the roof for her. Actually talking about bipartisanship doesn’t go over well. 🙂

  3. countertop Says:

    Your right about Biden getting the last word. Here’s what I posted:

    On taxes and healthcare. Shes right . . . About health care. But I think Biden is doing a better job of responding. Its strange, at this point, it almost seems like they let her take the first shot so Biden can come in and take pot shots at her.

    But I agree with the other Sebastian. The whole thing is hard to listen to. Biden is droning on. Palin’s voice is hitting me like nails on a chalkboard.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    I’ve been live-blogging it…

  5. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    She’s hot. But that accent is ri-goddamn-diculous. Definitely a bonerkiller.

  6. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    And if hear either of them say the word maverick again I’m going to scream.

  7. tgirsch Says:

    I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll also say it here. Palin’s answer on global warming reminded me of the kinds of answers I used to give when I was bullshitting my way through an essay test that I was completely unprepared for. I actually laughed out loud, because I recognized all the tells (from experience).

  8. ben Says:

    yeah, calling oneself a “maverick” is lame. Like telling everyone how wise you are is lame. You either are or are not, and the more you try to tell everyone that you are such and such, the less it seems to be true. Especially irritating.

  9. Metulj Says:

    The debate was a slight win for Biden. Palin basically firmed up the GOP “base”* with all the fluffy stuff. She was actually really good in the first 35-40 minutes, then not so much. Cribbed lines from Reagan. Whatever. I’d take that sclerotic old bastard, who was a wheeler-dealer’s wheeler dealer when it came to actually governing, any over that crew. Biden was excellent in no rising to the trolls she threw out there, though he was visibly amused by how starkly amateurish they were. Like I said, slight win for Biden, so I’d count that as a style win for Palin.

    *whoever the hell that is.

  10. Ahab Says:

    Unc, no, you weren’t imagining that Biden got the last word in most of the night; someone was tracking it an he had a chance to rebut her at something like a 6:1 ratio. And he got to go first and last as well.


  11. Number9 Says:

    One of the greatest upsets ever. Palin scored a TKO. Biden was standing, barely.

    Only the most obtuse can deny what happened in front of their own eyes.

    But there are so many in denial…right Butterfly?

  12. Manish Says:

    Only the most obtuse can deny what happened in front of their own eyes.


    A CBS News instant poll of uncommitted voters who watched the debate also showed Biden to be the winner by a margin of 46-21 percent. About one-third thought the debate to be a draw.

    Apparently the most obtuse is a pretty large segment of the undecided voters.

  13. KCSteve Says:

    Almost everyone has (so far) missed what I thought was the knockout blow of the night – a sweet, sweet, own goal by Sen. Biden.

    “I would be the point person for the legislative initiatives in the United States Congress for our administration. I would also, when asked if I wanted a portfolio, my response was, no. But Barack Obama indicated to me he wanted me to help him govern. So every major decision he’ll be making, I’ll be sitting in the room to give my best advice. He’s president, not me, I’ll give my best advice.”
    (emphasis added)

    CNN has a rough transcript, broken into sections. This is from the “Heartbeat away” section and it’s Mr. Biden’s fifth response up from the bottom.

    Apparently the McCain campaign aren’t the only ones who think Mr. Obama isn’t ready to lead…

  14. Manish Says:

    OMG…you mean Barack Obama is going to ask Biden for advice?!? You mean he isn’t going to just do shit without bouncing it off anyone else. Didn’t we learn the other day that John McCain frequently asks Sarah Palin for advice?

  15. Hemlock Says:

    On the time issue, it did seem like Biden had more than enough time to speak with ample time left over to show us his long version of the macarena. Dancing around the issues is secomd nature for some.

    The only question I see Obama (a man in his 40’s with an ego large enough to write 2 books about himself) asking Obiden is – Brownshirts or black? 😉

  16. oldguy Says:

    I can participate, successfully, in any political debate and win. All I have to do is piss and moan about Pesident Bush’s previous eight years! Geeeeeesh!!