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Turning to the dark side

Jay G. looks at a Glock. I love my G-30. Of course, I also love my ParaUSA 1911.

My only issue with Glocks is that their trigger leaves a lot to be desired.

7 Responses to “Turning to the dark side”

  1. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    My trigger’s been reworked by DR Middlebrooks. It shoots way incredibly better. Less notchy-ness, light pull. Given the right amount of lube it usually feels almost Sig like…

  2. UNHchabo Says:

    Personally, I love the Glock trigger, and I shoot well with it.

  3. tgirsch Says:

    Glocks just feel “clunky” to me, for lack of a better description. They’re the blunt instrument of handguns. 🙂

  4. Exador Says:

    I’ve never fired a glock, because I never liked the way they felt in my hand. The grip is too short for the smaller framed versions, and I never wanted to buy the larger frames.

  5. Phelps Says:

    Get it worked on. Hell, does anyone EVER go with a stock 1911 trigger? I’m not sure you can even fire one with a stock trigger, since I’ve never actually seen one used.

  6. Kevin Baker Says:

    Well, I’ve got a bone-stock 1911 (NOT an A1 – an honest-to-god 1917 manufactured 1911 as issued to the troops) and it works just fine with the stock trigger.

  7. Les Jones Says:

    Glocks are definitely a little clunky. They’re shaped like a new bar of soap that hasn’t had the edges worn down yet.

    Helluva gun, though. That G30 is the sweetest of the bunch.

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