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Just picked up my Gun Blog 45.

And Todd Jarrett said some of us screwed up and left our lasers on and the batteries would be dead. I would be one of those.

8 Responses to “Arrival”

  1. Joe Huffman Says:

    I RTFM and found:

    A master ON/OFF switch is also provided in the left panel to turn the laser off. The laser should be left in the “ON” position under most circumstances. Turning the master switch “OFF” will NOT increase battery life.

    Todd Jarrett is not perfect.

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    Actually Joe, the problem is that when the pistol is placed in the green, plastic box, the grip is snug against the sides. That snugness happens to depress the laser switch on the front of the grip.

    If you leave the switch on and toss the pistol on a shelf, you’d be fine. But if you store it in its container, it will turn on the Light Saber and will run down the batteries.

    I wish my Glock CT grip had a master switch as there are times when I want to use just the front sights. Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn it off.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    do you guys think that would make a good carry pistol?
    I read the specs and it seems like its the size and weight of a Ruger P90, which is effing huge.

  4. The Duck Says:

    Yes my 9mm was dead when it arrived,as Rob said the switch was depressed by the box, & the Gunblog guns were not near as big or bulky as a Ruger P90

  5. Joe Huffman Says:

    I didn’t notice it being that tight but I didn’t look for that either. I’ll check that out tonight.

    I still have problems with the laser on my Gun Blog 45. It appears to be hitting the pin for the slide lock. Further testing indicated that the laser lens is either dirty or possibly defective (no improvement seen after repeated cleanings with a cotton swab and alcohol). More tests are needed.

  6. USCitizen Says:

    Congrats to all!
    Still no BBTOJ for Traction Control – maybe later today?

  7. Mike Says:

    I bought a CZ75 compact today for my wife. Of course, it never left the shop: its being converted to single action, and having trigger work done as the stock trigger is pure crap.

  8. Les Jones Says:

    It must be the box. I’ve had the CT grips on my S&W 642 for three or four years, switch on the whole time, and I’m still on my first set of batteries.

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