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More NFRTR Corruption

Prince Law Offices:

In a major victory for those of us arguing that the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) is insufficient for criminal proceedings, Dr. Fritz Scheuren, ?the? statistician in the United States (possibly the world), today informed the 10th District Court that the NFRTR is insufficient for criminal proceedings. While no decision has been rendered in the case of US v. Larry Douglas Friesen, this is a MAJOR defeat for the BATFE, who, over the years, has argued that although the NFRTR is flawed, it still can be used in criminal proceedings. To understand just how flawed the NFRTR is, see my article on the NFRTR violating Due Process.

If the US loses this case, there is some speculation on whether the BATFE will seek to appeal the decision because an appellate ruling that the NFRTR is insufficient would have disastrous consequences for the BATFE and the NFRTR. It is this author?s opinion that the BATFE would likely not appeal so to protect the integrity of the NFRTR in other court proceedings. Nevertheless, in any future cases, a competent attorney will be adding Dr. Scheuren as an expert to invalidate the NFRTR.

ATF’s own agents have noted that the NFRTR is corrupt. Past coverage of the ATF and the NFRTR here, here, and here.

Update: David has more.

Sebastian calls for general amnesty.

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