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I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids

Over at NewWest, The American Hunters And Shooters Association is trying to deny that it is a false flag front for anti-gunners trying to appear pro-gun. And that they are shills for the Democrat Leadership Council. Seems they blame John Lott. John Lott is not the one who put the piece of that puzzle together. That legwork was done by Gun Law News who followed the money.

Meanwhile, David Hardy follows the money too and notes, as we suspected all along, they are a false flag. Why would Schoenke donate money to a group whose goal was to ban guns if he wasn’t, you know, anti-gun.

Meanwhile, from my own round up of the American Hunters and Shooters Association:

The NSSF has a fact sheet on them here:

Reported in an article by Bill Schneideri that the operating budget for AHSA is $500,000. Where did this money come from? With only a handful of members (paying $25 dues) who is bankrolling their operation?

When you follow the money, they read like a who’s who of gun grabbers. They are a front for the anti-gun Democratic Leadership Council so that anti-gun politicos can say they belong to a group that sounds pro-gun.

Members (five of them that they disclose) of the AHSA are anti-gun lobbyists.

They’re basically a shill group set up so that anti-gun candidates can try to woo the hunting crowd. Note that their only endorsement victory (McCaskill) did not sign on to support Heller.

AHSA wrote a non-opposition opposition to Heller for it’s wording.

The president allegedley helped a reporter break the law by engaging in straw purchases.

They pay people to stand outside NRA meetings to protest. Can’t get any volunteers with all your members?

They support they anti-gun Mayors Against Guns.

Field and Stream (you know, real hunters and real shooters) don’t seem to be a fan.

They keep peddling the Zumbo myth.

They call gun owners extremists and whackos. That’s correct. The Executive Director of a supposedly pro-gun group is calling those who buy weapons for self-defense (i.e., the largest growing demographic of gun owners) whackos. So, who exactly are the shooters in American Hunters and Shooters?

They say any woman who buys a gun is a sign of law-breaking.

But remember, I’m just a shill for the NRA who is bad and not really pro-gun.

9 Responses to “I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    They have closed comments. Each time I enter the word verification as directed it says, “You did not submit the word exactly as it appears in the image” – which is another lie on their part, absolute cowards.

  2. John Hardin Says:

    Can you fix your bitchgirls link? It’s 404’ing.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    john, link works for me.

  4. Don Gwinn Says:

    Worked for me, too.

  5. John Hardin Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see there were two. I mean the second one, labeled “They say any woman who buys a gun is a sign of law-breaking.” gives me a 404 from three different computers on three widely-separated networks. The whole archives subdirectory is gone. I can’t see any post here that looks like the one you’re talking about:

    And post #005115 is about porn on hotel TVs. Fun, but not germane…

  6. John Hardin Says:

    Did you mean this post:

  7. SayUncle Says:

    You’re correct John. Sorry, looked at the other link.

  8. John Hardin Says:

    Glad to help.

  9. W Getchell Says:

    Hey, I think I’ll set up my own “gun-control” group. I can raise funds for GOA.. :-))

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