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Quote of the day

Alan Gura, lead guy in the Heller case on his fees:

And if we are such lousy lawyers, how did we manage to beat the city’s militia of lawyers, including three of the biggest of the “megafirms” in town?

That’s almost as good as his closer:

If the city doesn’t want to pay civil rights lawyers’ fees, it should obey the Constitution. Freedom isn’t free.


2 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. emdfl Says:

    Yeah, and how much money has the aclu made on their “civil rights violation” cases? I suspect that it is in the hundreds of millions – ALL paid by tax-payers – so screw the Washington Posthole and its whinnings.

  2. Roger Seitz Says:

    Oh yes yes yes! I hope Alan and the other lawyers in the case get every penny they earned and promptly buy several AR 15 style rifles (EBRs) and at least one Porsche! They’ve really earned it.
    I really like the last statement that freedom isn’t free!


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