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Being evil

Seems Google Chrome may be loaded down with spyware and other bloatware you don’t need?

5 Responses to “Being evil”

  1. DJK Says:

    If so…it’s SUPER FAST spyware.

  2. DJK Says:

    I just heard this, “Marketing Metrics. Ctrl+Shift+N gets around that”.

  3. Ted Says:

    Interesting comparison of Chrome and IE8:

    Seems IE8 takes as much system resource as XP. Of course, that’s lightweight compared to Vista ….

    What seems interesting is that Chrome might be much easier to secure using HIPS, since each tab is a separate process. IPS products that track activity on a process-by-process basis might be able to do much more to stop mutated spyware with that sort of architecture.

  4. Metulj Says:

    Crack open a traffic monitor and watch what that puppy does. Google does nothing for free.

  5. Zero Says:

    Chrome isn’t spyware or malware or anything like that. Take a look here:

    Chrome largely doesn’t communicate with the Google Mother Ship unless you allow it to, and it’s easy to disable the communication.