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Other Palin Concerns

Your misogyny is showing.

Seems some folks have some concerns about Sarah Palin’s priorities. They seem to think she should be at home, barefoot and pregnant. Turns out, they have other concerns with her too. This list of talking points addressing Sarah Palin came to me via email so consider it a SayUncle exclusive:

  • Needs to have a state trooper drive her around because, you know, she’s a woman and they can’t drive for shit.
  • She once worried her pretty little head about something.
  • Once accidentally burned dinner, when her sweet little ass was in the kitchen where it should be!
  • She wants to be Vice President? Well isn’t that just cute!
  • Her daughter is a slut because she’s a woman.
  • She’s known to be indecisive. Because she’s a woman.
  • She irons one hell of a shirt.
  • She was chummy with the Alaska secessionists because, as a woman, she’s obviously a home-wrecker.
  • Palin left the small town she was mayor of deeply in debt. Because she’s a woman and you know how they are when it comes to money and shopping.
  • Update: Who are the feminists again?

    And KAG agrees with Dr. Helen?

    19 Responses to “Other Palin Concerns”

    1. tgirsch Says:

      As I pointed out yesterday, it’s not just liberals taking pause at Palin’s family “priorities.” And for the record, for the umpteenth time, I think the attacks on Palin’s family are a bunch of crap, I don’t care who’s making them.

    2. Sean Braisted Says:

      I love that you have become a feminist pioneer Uncle. Just out of curiosity, do you have one of those poster/calendars with half-naked chicks holding big ass guns?

    3. SayUncle Says:

      Not a feminist pioneer. Nor do I own any calendars, save the one on my computer and phone. But I love your attempt at diversion anyway.

    4. Sean Braisted Says:

      What am I diverting from? Just wanted to know if you had one of those G. Gordon Liddy posters or not…thought you might.

    5. Mad Saint Jack Says:


      Wire Palin
      Wasilla Alaska

      Stolen from a fourm.

    6. thirdpower Says:

      Take a look at the pro-obama commenters on the message boards. Miss Cow Patty. Slut. Whore. etc. are all comments coming out from so called ‘progressives’. Yes there are a few comments coming from the ‘conservatives’. But not many.

    7. Sean Braisted Says:

      Who said that? What forums? You think the conservatives treated Hillary Clinton respectfully (back when she was the inevitable candidate)?

    8. ATLien Says:

      Sean, take a step back and realize that you and all liberals suck.

      It’s not that we didn’t like Hillary because she’s a woman. We didn’t like Hillary because she’s evil.

    9. thirdpower Says:

      Most any on, Huffpo, , along w/ pretty much any one that accepts comments.

      I haven’t even tried befouling my computer by looking at DU or MoveOn yet.

      BTW, who’s talking about Hillary? Are you saying it’s OK to demean yourself if the other side is doing it?

      Some fine examples from just one page of one thread:

      “Tootsie Pop Palin reminded me of Katie Couric’s spunkyness when she started hosting the Today show. I was not even impressed by her speech. She does have a good looking family though. Still, it is obvious that McCain and Palin endorse teenage pregnancy. ”

      “Having this gun-totin’ hillbilly redneck on the GOP ticket should bring out every single Hillary supporter to vote for Obama. This hypocrite has proven to all of America that she is fertile, her kid is fertile, and abstinence education is a joke. What part of this peri-menopausal freak’s speech made you feel “good” about her? “

    10. Sean Braisted Says:

      BTW, who’s talking about Hillary? Are you saying it’s OK to demean yourself if the other side is doing it?

      You guys want to make this an issue about how liberals are just a bunch of sexists whereas Conservatives are the new feminist foot soldiers.

      The problem is that in our politics, when you don’t like someone, you attack them…see anything Uncle has written about Obama in the past year (or just about anything I’ve written about McPalin). And when you go for visceral attacks, ones involving gender are just much easier.

    11. thirdpower Says:

      “You guys want to make this an issue about how liberals are just a bunch of sexists whereas Conservatives are the new feminist foot soldiers.”

      Lots of so-called ‘liberals’ are showing their real colors by making their “easy visceral attacks”. That’s true. It’s making ‘conservatives’ look like feminists in comparison.

      You may notice that Obama isn’t being called unqualified etc. for being black. That would be an easy attack to make by your argument. It’s not happening. He is attacked here and elsewhere on the gun blogs for attacking firearm ownership in all his deeds no matter what he says.

    12. Number9 Says:


      Wire Palin
      Wasilla Alaska


    13. JKB Says:

      Wait a minute, I’ve already seen the complaint that she has been barefoot and pregnant too many times crowding up the world with 5 kids.

      Plus, she once presided over a wedding held near menswear at the Wasilla Wal-mart. Source: Editor and Publisher


      Asked about the death penalty, in extreme cases such as the murder of a child, Palin said, “My goodness, hang ’em up, yeah.” [Anchorage Daily News , 8/18/06]

      Palin wrote a Letter to the Editor saying only, “San Francisco judges forbidding our Pledge of Allegiance? They will take the phrase ‘under God’ away from me when my cold, dead lips can no longer utter those words. God bless America.” [Juneau Empire, 6/30/02]

    14. Guav Says:

      Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is with her having 5 kids—one of whom is special needs—and running for VP. She has a husband who stays at home and takes care of the children. They can handle it. Hell, single parents handle it, I’m sure her husband will do just fine. In the long run, being Vice President would most likely only be a benefit to her family, not a hindrance.

      But let’s be real here for a second.

      “Take a look at the pro-obama commenters on the message boards. Miss Cow Patty. Slut. Whore. etc. are all comments coming out from so called ‘progressives’. Yes there are a few comments coming from the ‘conservatives’. But not many.”

      Of course there aren’t many—she’s a conservative. Yeah thirdpower, “who’s talking about Hillary?” Only because she didn’t get the nomination. If she had, and McCain didn’t have a female running mate, there would be no shortage of attacks on Hillary that were “sexist” or offensive to women from the Right—there never have been.

      It’s almost as if you were in a coma since 1990 thirdpower hahah … because, you know, conservatives and Republicans have always been so kind and respectful of Hillary Clinton (and Chelsea).

    15. thirdpower Says:

      So “Guav” says that it’s OK to demean yourself if others are doing or have done it.

      Perhaps you’ld actually read the post I was responding to since Tgirsch inferred that more ‘conservatives’ were questioning her priorities than we’ve seen as well as taking the context of people calling themselves ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ while making said comments.

    16. Ron W Says:

      “Conservative” is an adjective and politically I want public servants who are conservative of the Constitution and Bill of Rights according to the rules of English grammar. Being conservative of all the Bill of Rights should result in one being a true or classical liberal. Today’s leftists are not liberal in that they’re for more government control (like citizen disarmament) and neither are most so-called “conservatives” (plural noun) conservative of the Constitution….or else you wouldn’t have so-called “conservatives” like Bush and McCain appeasing and accommodating the invasion of our country in direct violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution…”the United States SHALL protect (the States) against invasion”. And in time of war (the war on terror of which they often speak)…such a dereliction of duty is “treason” according to Article III, Section 3….when read in plain English!

    17. RAH Says:

      Sarah Palin is a classic frontier women. Shoots, hunts, cooks, beautiful, faithful,mother,fearless,and reformer to clean up corruption. She is REAL. She is a conservative dream. We love her.

    18. straightarrow Says:

      I am simply amazed at the fear she has engendered in the liberals. Next thing you know, she’lll be accused of threatening them. Oh wait, she does threaten them, with truth and clear-sightedness. Nothing is more threatening to them than that.

      I have an idea, why don’t all the liberals and democrats hide until after the election. I don’t even support the ticket, but the fear and sheer panic caused by this woman’s presence in the race says more good about her than he most loyal fan could.

    19. Daniel Says:

      The funny thing about a liberal saying that we said similar things about Hillary is that THEY were the ones saying similar things about Hillary. Kos and Huffpo and every other Obamanite was leveling all kinds of sexist smears against Hillary to drive her out of the race.