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Kids are off limits in political campaigns

As long as they’re the kids of Democrats.

Wall to wall Sarah Palin’s daughter coverage. But we couldn’t talk about Biden’s daughter’s bar fight or Algore’s son getting pinched for DUI. Etc.

But it was OK for the nutroots to speculate that John Roberts small son may have been light in the shoes.

As insty noted: HOW THEY COULD HAVE KEPT THE PALIN PREGNANCY STORY OUT OF THE PRESS: Leaked it that John Edwards was the father

12 Responses to “Kids are off limits in political campaigns”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    But we couldn’t talk about Biden’s daughter’s bar fight or Algore’s son getting pinched for DUI. Etc.

    Seems like you just did…was that a piece of investigative reporting on your part, or did you read it elsewhere?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Seems like you just did

    I’m not the media which is who my comment was directed at. It was pretty clear I thought.

    And I read it on a blog.

  3. Sean Braisted Says:

    Now, I don’t read the rightwing blogs that much (except of course yours), but I guess the question I would have is when did these incidents happen?

    The McCain campaign, not the media, released the info about Sarah Palin’s daughter just days after he announced her as his VP pick (from what I understand, nobody even thought she was currently pregnant).

    I remember Gore’s son’s bruhaha, and that was long after he wasn’t selected to be President.

    Did Biden’s daughter get into a bar fight shortly before or after he was announced as VP?

    The impetus for a story is when the information occurs in relation to the news cycle. Now, the first story I had read was about li’l Trigger not being Sarah Palin’s son. That is a huge news story, and the circumstantial evidence being compiled was sufficient enough to cause media inquiry.

    In response to this, the McCain campaign deflected these rumors by saying, “that is ridiculous, that is outlandish, she wasn’t pregnant then…oh, but she is now”. Which made it an interesting story, released by the campaign.

  4. Smacklug Says:

    NOT SAYING IT’S RIGHT, but a lot of it is that Palin is for abstinence-only education in schools, and is supposed to exemplify “Christian family values,” and such.

    I feel sorry for Bristol and the dude that knocked her up though, they just wanted to mess around and now they’re gonna have to get married, and stay that way until either McCain/Palin lose this election, or 4/8 years, haha.

  5. KCSteve Says:

    Yeah, it’d be better for an 18 year old to get knocked up by a married guy, marry him when she’s three months pregnant (without, apparently his getting unmarried from his first wife), then dumped by him a short time later and having to raise the kid herself.

    That would be much better than high-school sweethearts getting pushed into marrying a bit earlier then they intended – even if they have to elope to do it.

    #1 – Obama’s mother.

    #2 – Sarah Palin, who celebrated her 20th anniversary last Friday.

  6. Manish Says:

    what a tool…insty asked how they could have kept this out of the news?!? How about don’t be the ones that RELEASED THE NEWS that Bristol Palin was pregnant. Glad to see that y’all aren’t letting facts get on the way of a good argument.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    It being in the news v. it being all the news is talking about are a bit different.

  8. Smacklug Says:

    I kind of doubt that they intended to marry, the dude even said on his myspace that he didn’t want kids.
    Yes, yes, myspace, but this is kind of a shotgun wedding nonetheless.

  9. Manish Says:

    It being in the news v. it being all the news is talking about are a bit different.

    They release the news that Palin’s daughter is pregnant and expected it to be on page A29?!? Is anyone aware of the American media’s obsession with sex?!? They released the news on Monday and today its Wed. and I haven’t heard a thing about it today.

  10. SayUncle Says:

    I think it was released Friday and it was all I heard about from the pundits, etc. Sure, it’s front page worthy but obsession worthy?

  11. Manish Says:


    The 17-year-old unmarried daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement…

  12. SayUncle Says:

    hmm, thought it was a friday thing.