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More Palin on guns

Looks like an AR-15 with an Aimpoint to me:

Via Bruce.

Update: Video of Palin handling that thing (at 0:25)

21 Responses to “More Palin on guns”

  1. Tam Says:

    Oh, she’d be the most solidly pro-gun candidate for the big enchilada in my lifetime or yours.

  2. Code3Patriot Says:

    Palin was the best choice for McCain, I don’t think he’ll regret it. That photo is from video footage from when she visited troops in Iraq not too long ago, that would make the carbine she is posing with a M4, not that it really matters…

  3. Breda Says:

    I am stealing that photo for my blog, if you don’t mind

  4. Dad Says:

    STOP THIEF!!!!!

  5. Miikee Says:

    Has she actually shot a moose herself, or just gone on moose hunts? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Hell, she’s got my vote. And if I have to vote for McCain to get her in office, OK by me.

  6. Cark H. Says:

    “Hell, she’s got my vote. And if I have to vote for McCain to get her in office, OK by me.”

    Yep, and now when I feel kinda dirty casting my vote, it’ll be a better kind of dirty.

    But seriously, she was my #2 pick after Jindal, and frankly Louisiana needs Jindal right now.

  7. upinak Says:

    It is a M-4.. look at the stock.

    Also that picture was taken in Kuwait when she went and visited the Soldiers stationed there from Alaska.

  8. Phenicks Says:

    Her eldest is going to the sand box, way to put your “money’ where your mouth is. Not to many polititions have the brass ones to do that.

  9. Nate Says:

    Hell she’s not SUPPOSED to have the brass ones, but it seems that she has a pair at the ready, and uses them often.
    I said that if mccain picked Palin for veep, I would cast my vote for that duo, so they have my vote.

  10. mrkwong Says:

    She actually looks like she knows what she’s doing, unlike the infamous Dukakis “hey, I think I just wet myself” Abrams-hatch shot.

  11. chrisb Says:

    Exactly, she is actually looking down the sight at something, and has the look of an actual shooter going on there.

  12. Harold Says:

    Phenicks: For that matter, one of McCain’s son’s enlisted in the Marines and did a tour of duty in Iraq, another will graduate soon from Annapolis.

  13. wizardpc Says:


    My wife just called me, excited about Palin. Gushing, I think is the word.

    My wife is a registered Democrat.

  14. Breda Says:

    mrkwong – I’d say that she knows what she’s doing…the woman hunts MOOSE.

  15. Jayne Cobb Says:

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  16. Stewart Says:

    I’d bet she’s never shot a hunting companion either, unlike the current vice. Added bonus, I have a hunch the moose are wild, not released from cages just for the hunters!

  17. Harold Says:

    Stewart: Have you ever hunted quail?

    That’s the nightmare of every (thinking) quail hunter, and I for one have a lot of sympathy for Cheney based on my experience and stories from my father of people he hunted quail with … once.

  18. emdfl Says:

    That picture is a cropped photo of her trying out an M-16/M-4 simulator somewhere in Kuwait.

  19. RJGatorEsq. Says:

    “Has she actually shot a moose herself, or just gone on moose hunts? Inquiring minds want to know.?”

    Sarah Palin does not go hunting. “Hunting” implies the possibility of failure. Sarah Palin goes killing.

  20. Mike Myers Says:

    As a lawyer I appreciated the “lawyer joke” about the difference between Cheney with his 28 gauge shotgun hunting Quail and Palin with a rifle hunting whatever;

    “Unlike Cheney, when Palin shoots a lawyer, he’s down”.

    What the heck, she’s good with guns.

  21. Sgt Ron Says:

    The problem with that picture is that it is actually not a functioning M-4. It is a training weapon that fires nothing more than a laser beam. If you look at the video, you’ll see two cables that fall from the hand guards. One is compressed air that simulates the kick when the simulator is fired and the other is a data cable. This system is used to train soldiers, but it does not fire anything. Not saying she isn’t into guns, just want to put the truth out about this “gun” before someone slimes her over it.