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Freedom isn’t free

The bill for Heller: $3,500,000

4 Responses to “Freedom isn’t free”

  1. HTownTejas Says:

    ….the only thing worse than having to pay for freedom is, we didn’t much of it. (aren’t natural rights, constitutionally protected ones especially, supposed to be a given amongst free men?)

  2. Dave Says:

    Yes, but problem is, we happen to be surrounded by folks who either disagree vehemently what those rights are, or simply aren’t paying attention to anything political.

  3. Paul Boughton Says:

    Now how will that bill be paid by a security guard? Maybe the bill needs to be forwarded to the group that forced this to be decided by the supremes.

  4. wizardpc Says:

    Paul: The article states that DC has to pay, not heller