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How to

Assemble an AR-15 lower receiver.

One Response to “How to”

  1. ben Says:

    One thing he doesn’t mention is that you should be very careful about installing the bolt catch spring loaded plunger. I was farting around with mine and stuffed it too far down, whence it became stuck. Absolutely no way to pry that little thing out of there.

    If you commit the same badness as me in this regard, there is only one way to get that thing out, provided that you at least put the spring in first. As noted somewhere on Arfcom, you can stick the whole receiver in the oven on a cookie sheet with the plunger facing down. Heat it up gently, and sit and wait. The aluminum has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than does the steel pin, so the plunger hole will grow larger than the plunger upon heating.

    When you here the little “ping” of the plunger hitting the cookie sheet, you’re good to go. Worked for me :). Your mileage should not vary.