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Reasoned Discoursetm on Comedy Central

PGP: Needless to say, at the end Lewis Black (who’s pimped for the Brady Campaign in the past) overrules the audience’s vote at the end of the show and declares the NRA the greater evil.

I was quite excited when I heard Lewis Black had his own show. He’s hysterical. However, his show sucks. I TiVoed it twice and gave up on it. Stick to ranting, it’s a strength.

6 Responses to “Reasoned Discoursetm on Comedy Central”

  1. chrisb Says:

    Meh. I have always thought he was just another ass in a see of asses.

  2. damon Says:

    i’m with chrisb.

    the hip kids all tell me lewis b. is some comic genius, but … i just don’t get it. way overrated if you ask me.

    just another angry ranting liberal, imho… which is not to say that angry ranting liberals can’t be funny. i think margaret cho or david cross are funny, but lewis b… not so much.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    odd. I find LB funny. Cho and Cross, not funny at all.

  4. Alcibiades Says:

    Lewis Black is Angry Funny, David Cross is… er… not so funny. He’s really more annoying.

  5. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Wait, you’re watching _The Root of All Evil_ expecting a serious discussion of the issues?

  6. tgirsch Says:

    I actually thought the show was hilarious. I “voted” for PeTA as the root of all evil, mostly just because I thought Tompkins was funnier.

    As for the show itself, it grew on me after I got the hang of what they were after. It’s really less about Black, and more about the comedian-advocates. Andy Daly is a riot, and his diatribes on boob jobs and the Olympic games were both hysterical: “The olympic games are the root of all evil because they combine the two things that all real Americans hate: foreigners and gym.”

    That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

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