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Must require a heavy gun

A kit to convert your gun to a boat anchor.

I have several of these conversion kits myself. They’re good on tool boxes.

3 Responses to “Must require a heavy gun”

  1. Jay G. Says:

    Hey, they help one obey the letter of the law in GFW states that have such laws.

    Besides, four or five of ’em in a tube sock and you’ve got a fine homemade flail…

  2. Curtis Lowe Says:

    I put ’em in my shaving kit when I go through the airport, just so the TSA monkeys can ask “What’s this?” and I can reply in a loud voice (“It’s a trigger lock for a GUN!”

  3. RAH Says:

    Crap! I though it was a way to quickly get your rifle over the side when you bring you boat into port. Considering the piracy problem in Venezuela and various world ports, carrying a rifle is a necessity.

    I heard that if in Thailand , pick up a cheap AK and after go thru the Suez drop it in the water while in the Mediterrean before getting to France or European ports.