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Shooting the dog

Not funny but funny.

One Response to “Shooting the dog”

  1. chris Says:

    What is it with cops shooting dogs?

    I understand the reasonable fear they have each time they approach an automobile that they have stopped, but why are they so afraid of most dogs?

    Black labs, tethered barking dogs, muts, etc. do not evoke any fear in me whatsoever.

    My wife and I were walking around the neighborhood last night (without my CCW, but only because I had forgotten about it) and 2 very agitated large dogs ran for us.

    They looked like German Shepherds to me, but my wife indicated that they were some other type of German dog.

    I yelled at both of them and made a modestly aggressive stance against them and they froze in their tracks.

    I was angry, and I yelled at them a little bit more.

    They remained frozen in their tracks.

    I didn’t notice any invisible fence collars.

    I don’t know whether I could have taken both of them, but I was ready to give it a shot.