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Quick, call a waaaahmbulance

Seems that Paul Helmke, Keith Olbermann, and Kevin Drum are all butthurt because the NRA (which actually has members, resources, and stuff) engaged in a bit of deception.

Now, what is funny is that I’ve seen no evidence that Mary was actually working for NRA. But we’ll see.

PGP is equally nonplussed about the whole thing.

The other amusing bit is that this shows a serious weakness in the anti-gun groups. They simply will take whoever will join (including bigots, UFO nuts, and those prone to violence). If you have a pulse and time, they’ll take you. However, a group that actually has operating capital and actual members has a pretty developed election process to weed out that sort of stuff.

I find it amusing.

People say to me Hey, Uncle, don’t you find these dirty tricks to be, well, dishonest? Sure. But then the anti-gunners have staked all their political capital on being dishonest (assault weapons, blood in the streets, and a whole host of other pants shitting hysteria they peddle). So, don’t really mind so much. They are my enemy. I want them destroyed. And any lawful means will do. And I like seeing their tactics of deception used against them. It’s some fantastic irony.

I’d love to know what sort of inside dirt Mary has on these groups.

7 Responses to “Quick, call a waaaahmbulance”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Good intelligence on the enemy is very important.

  2. Nomen Nescio Says:

    i’d say they’ve reason to be offended; it’s dishonest, deceptive tactics — they’ve been lied to and had their expectations of privacy violated. i’d be pissed off, too.

    but like you’re saying — there’s (as yet) no reason to conclude the NRA was really involved much; she seems to have been a freelancer, perhaps hoping she could compile a dossier on these guys she could then go cold-calling for bids on. plus, as PGP says, what’s she likely to have found out that anybody with a half a clue couldn’t have guessed anyway? they might be anti-gunners, but it’s not like they’re holding crack-fuelled orgies in their back rooms. i really don’t think she’s got that much “dirt”, other than having learned which of their members can’t stand / have crushes on which other ones — and honestly, that sort of details don’t much matter.

    oh, and i don’t want these guys destroyed, myself. completely defeated politically and legislatively, with their agendas utterly discredited in the view of the general public, will quite suffice.

  3. karrde Says:

    Perhaps there was an under-the-table relationship going on, that allowed various elements of the NRA’s leadership to accept “anonymous tips” about what the related anti-gun groups were about to attempt.

    If any advantage was to be had from a mole in the organization, it would be “advance info” on legislative attempts, lobbying attempts, and public-relations pushes.

    Whatever was actually happening, it was underhanded and dishonest for the woman to pass herself off under another name. However, I wouldn’t charge guilt upon any other organization until I know the full extent of the involvement.

    (I also wonder how many other public-advocacy groups have such problems…and how they would attempt to filter out moles…)

  4. BobG Says:

    Of course, if it was found that the NRA had a Brady Bunch “mole”, they would be hailing that person as a hero.

  5. Bitter Says:

    they’ve been lied to

    I actually disagree with this to a large extent. As I said in an email conversation about this topic yesterday:

    “She just asked to be on mailing lists, and they would add her. If you look at the story, it’s got a section on this:

    …they knew virtually nothing about her life outside the movement. She never explained the source of her personal wealth. And Toby Hoover, the executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and an activist who worked with McFate since the mid-1990s, says, “She never talked about what she had done prior to this work. I didn’t even know if she had a husband or kids.” Ceasefire New Jersey’s Bryan Miller adds, “She doesn’t talk about her family. I know nothing about her personal life other than that she lives in Sarasota, Florida. For my closest friends in this movement, who also know Mary, it was a matter of low-level discussion that we didn’t know anything about her.”

    So it looks like their willingness to accept any warm body, especially one that fit a demographic they want to reach, paved the way for her to stroll in.”

  6. Sulaco Says:

    Here in Washington Cease Fire has been caught by gun club security with hidden camera’s in gun show parking lots trying to get somebody to illegally purchase a gun so they could show “film at eleven”…they wander around gun shows after joining and load weapons on tables or try to bring in loaded guns to be “found” later. They constantly try to illegaly purchase guns in shows so they can report it to ATF…Don’t cry to me about underhanded tactics!!

  7. ATLien Says:

    They think that all’s fair when trying to take a constitutional right away. Well, all’s fair in coming right back at ya, too.