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Brady Campaign: It was an assault shotgun

Oh, wait. A bird gun.

I’m certain the Brady Camp is now feeling the righteous indignation from those demanding we not politicize this event! Bueller?

Update: and there’s that whole lying about how the shotgun fires three shells at a time. That would make it a machine gun.

10 Responses to “Brady Campaign: It was an assault shotgun”

  1. Ahab Says:

    I guess that makes my 70 year old Remington Model 11 an assault shotgun/deathray.

  2. Carteach0 Says:

    As the water heats to cook my fresh corn on the cob (AAhhhhhh….) ….
    I’ll take the time to generate a thought. Hope it’s not painful….

    It seems to me most gun control works on two concepts… (1) Belief is everything, and (2) reality means little. It shares theses concepts with two other types of groups. Religions, and power grasping political entities. Historically these two can be one and the same.

    So…. the Brady ‘campaign to end self reliance’ is likely one of these two.

    Which one?

    Tough choice….

  3. Carl Says:

    Now the Brady article is changed to have “at a time” struck through, and says ‘Apologies for the “confusion.”’ The word confusion is linked to this page.

  4. thirdpower Says:

    Through a tinyUrl to boot. Had they just changed it, we would have nailed them w/ screencaps for revisionism. It takes awhile but they can learn.

  5. Alcibiades Says:

    Maybe he had a tri-barrel shotgun….

  6. kaveman Says:

    Looks like Helmke has instructed Doug to read the gun blogs.

    Maybe now Doug will learn the truth about his beloved leader and the Brady Bunch.

    Howdy Doug!!! Zach was smart enough to get out and find a real job, you might want to follow his lead.

  7. Dustin Says:

    Just when you think the Brady folks can’t prove themselves to be either bigger liars or even more dumb, they open their mouth to speak again.

  8. Phenicks Says:

    Cool the Brady blog links to here to apologize about their confusion of the fully semi-auto 40 yr old shotgun.

    If your reading this after following the Brady link, look around, as Mulder says, the truth is out there.

  9. Carl Says:

    Hey Uncle, hope your server can handle all the traffic from the Brady link!

  10. DJK Says:

    I wrote to the owners of the videos they linked to….one of them has since disabled the embedding of his vid. He wasn’t pleased that those pukes were using his stuff.