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An apology

In a recent post, I did a couple of things. One, I made the point that attacking a group of people (gun nuts) based on prejudice was inappropriate. Two, I made fun of Kynn’s appearance, which is attacking a person.

I’m pretty sure Kynn understands my first point now given that (though I did not know it at the time), she belongs to a group that is often attacked (often physically) based on prejudice. Well, I hope she does.

However, making fun of someone’s appearance is bad form. For that, I apologize.

10 Responses to “An apology”

  1. Guav Says:

    If you were dishonest, you could claim that you did #2 in order to prove #1, that it was all part of your point.

    Of course, being honest, you’ve apologized instead. Hats off to you.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Well, I did that. Sorta. But I still think it was over the top.

  3. Guav Says:

    That’s because you’re wearing grown up pants.

    Insults may be warranted or understandable at times, but they rarely elevate the discussion or improve the discourse and should generally be avoided.

  4. Number9 Says:

    That is uncharacteristic for you.

  5. Nate Says:

    Good on you! If only the other side would admit they were wrong we would have a much better society!

  6. Phelps Says:

    It’s amazing that someone who claims to be a victim of prejudice and intolerance came to our attention because of that person’s prejudice and intolerance.

  7. ATLien Says:

    I make insults cause i’m a mean bastard.

    I also make fun of fat people. Don’t even get me started on midgets.

  8. Kynn Says:

    Thank you for your apology, which I do acknowledge and accept.

    I have posted my own apology, offered in the same spirit, on my LiveJournal. You and your commenters are welcome to read and respond to that, if you wish. You can also add a link to that journal entry in your post, if you wish.

  9. DJK Says:

    The fact that that person’s group is often attacked physically should prove our point.

  10. Kynn Says:

    The fact that that person’s group is often attacked physically should prove our point.

    Hey, guys? I appreciate your wanting to defend me with your guns, but it’s getting a little creepy how you keep repeating over and over that “my group” is attacked.

    I never made my gender identity part of this argument, and I’d appreciate it if you could just drop the idea that there’s something bizarre about my point of view because of my gender identity? For what it’s worth, I’ve never been physically attacked for my gender identity.