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Getting a handgun in DC

A report detailing the steps.

2 Responses to “Getting a handgun in DC”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Except it hasn’t been updated since Friday, July 18.

    I’ll probably post something about this myself. I’ve been a little hard on Mark Segraves but I can confirm that he answers his email.

    He should have reported back by now about passing the test down at police headquarters. Then he’s got to get someone to transfer him the firearm.

    I suggested Josh at VPC, of course. It seems that WTOP couldn’t or wouldn’t find just one person on there staff that wanted to own a firearm, and Mark pledged that he would either sell back the firearm to the dealer or turn it into the police for destruction. That’s right up VPC’s ally, so I though Josh might make an exception.

    I also hinted that it’s against BATFU regs to have an FFL and yet not be in the business of selling firearms to the public. Whether or not Mark is working that angle into his story, I have no idea

  2. cryptical Says:

    So is a 03 FFL (C&R) any good in DC? It might be a way to end run
    around the lack of FFLs there, especially if you don’t mind a little older