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Grab popcorn and an ice cold Coca Cola

KDT: AR15’s suck.

Tam: Bite me, fan boy!

I’m reminded of this blast from the past:

1. The AR is a temperamental, finicky tool that will only cycle through a full magazine when blessed personally by the pope, plus it shoots a round that wont even stop a well-fed hamster. The AK can be filled with concrete and it will still fire 10,000 rounds without a stoppage. Plus, it shoots a mans round.

2. The AK is so inaccurate that you couldnt hit a barn from the inside with a full magazine. It was made by communist slaves who used rocks to assemble the receivers, in the dark. The round has such a curved trajectory that you have to aim at a targets hat to hit his feet at 150 yards. On the other hand, the AR is a precision weapon that can hit a match-head at 600 yards consistently, and should have night vision, IR, a red-dot scope, a tactical sling, and a tactical flashlight, making you a single-man ninja army.

23 Responses to “Grab popcorn and an ice cold Coca Cola”

  1. Tam Says:

    I didn’t think I expressed much of an opinion on firearms one way or another in that post. 😮

  2. SayUncle Says:

    yeah but you did pretty much say bite me, fan boy!

    BTW, 1911s drool and Glocks rool! 😉

  3. Alan Says:

    I think my “everything sucks” law applies here.

    Everything Sucks. Your job is to find the thing that sucks the least for your purposes.

  4. Mikee Says:

    I prefer the comparison list of the AK & the AR15 to the Mosin-Nagant, in which the Mosins can be used as spears across trenchlines much better than either of the more modern arms.

  5. Molon Labe Says:

    I’m torn. I have a Bushmaster in 5.56 and a Yugo M70AB2 (7.62). I’ve never had a problem with either, and love shooting them equally. The AR is more accurate, but that’s bullshit about the inaccuracy of the AK. Mine will hit pie plates consistently at 100 yards, well within a kill zone. I will concede that the AK is clunky, heavy, dirty and somewhat uncomfortable, while the AR is “pretty”, clean, light and compact. But then again, I can leave my AK in the bottom of the litter box for a month and still have it devour any ammunition while using the cat piss as lubricant and the terds as recoil buffers.

    I guess it depends on whether you prefer to ride on leather seats with the air conditioning on, or cloth seats with the windows rolled down. For me personally, I just want to get from point A to point B.

  6. ben Says:

    My AR is in 6.8spc, which I find to be an excellent cartridge. Better trajectory than the 7.62 ruskie, and similar stopping power, especially at distance. And the AR is more accurate than my bolt-action hunting rifle.

  7. Stormy Dragon Says:

    I prefer this version:

    AK vs. AR vs. Mosin Nagant

  8. Joat Says:

    SD you beat me to it. I don’t own a AK or AR what’s the point is I can only have the neutered version. I like my M91-30 with the bayonet it’s almost as tall as I am, and with out the bayonet or even a bolt I could defend my home with it.

  9. Rabbit Says:

    In the immortal words of John Muir (of VW Repair for the Compleat Idiot), Come to kindly terms with your ass, for it bears you.

    Become proficient with what you have through training, knowledge, maintenance and doctrine, and it’ll never let you down if you do your job.

    Won’t matter if it’s the latest FN-SCAR or a Swedish Mauser- know yourself, know your tool, and you’ll prevail.


  10. Alcibiades Says:

    But what about an AK-clone that fires .223?

  11. Sulaco Says:

    M-14 Thankee

  12. Tam Says:

    Wow, I got de-blogrolled over it, no less.

    And I didn’t even call him a sexist pig!

  13. straightarrow Says:

    I don’t care for a rifle more sensitive than Boy George (AR-15), I don’t care for a rifle more inaccurate than the Main Stream Media (AK-47), I don’t care for a rifle that will put you on your back more often Paris Hilton (MN-anything)

    However they each have their purposes and their appeal to a shooter is a result of his purpose and ablity and let’s face it, his personal preference, for whatever reason.

    I am seriously in love with my MN-91/30, MN-91, MN-44. Don’t know why, exactly, they aren’t my most accurate or lightest or easiest shooting, that honor belongs to an L1A1 in 7.62NATO. But just as I forgive my MN’s despite my protestation above, so must it be said that what works best for each shooter is the ideal weapon. Even if best is just the amount of fun they are to shoot. Shooting for fun may not be done with the same weapons one would use in a serious situation shooting to stay alive. In my case, for instance my favorites would not make that cut.

    I do however understand the big knock on the AR. It should go bang every time one needs it to. Not always the case, however, I may be hopelessly out of date on this. I would hope that there has been great improvement in the last forty years, since it is what we mostly arm our military with, an arm based on its foundation.

    Damn, didn’t mean to be so wordy.

  14. Dan Says:

    At least the AK-47 does not discriminate against the poor. Zumbo rules. Eat that you M16ers!

    Although, first time I ever shot a ar-15, I was hitting tight groups out at 50. Very proud moment.

  15. Lyle Says:

    I think a lot of that comes down from Cooper, who was well-respected and called the AR a poodle shooter, and the .223 a poodle round.

    ‘Sides, you know we all love what we love (our stuff) and anyone who would dare get something else is an idiot and probably a blasphemer. Ford vs Chevy, Bud vs Miller…

  16. Darrell Says:

    I’ll take AG42 B Ljungman for $500, Alex. :^D

  17. Sgt.Slappy Says:

    In the hands of a rifleman, the AK will get the job done. The 7.62×39 round is sufficient to kill a man, when the rifleman does his job and sends it where it needs to go.
    In the hands of a rifleman, the AR will get the job done. The 5.56×45 round is sufficient to kill a man, when the rifleman does his job and sends it where it needs to go.
    A rifleman can get the job done with any rifle.

    Are you a rifleman?

  18. Felix Estrella Says:

    >> Wow, I got de-blogrolled over it, no less.

    Hey, maybe I should de-blogroll both of your from my blog … that’ll show the world I’ve finally arrived. 😉

    Hey … whatever …. SURFSSSSSS UPPPP!!!!!!

  19. Windy Wilson Says:

    I would link to this except it did not survive the purge.

    Stuff you know if you have an M1 Garand.
    Youre searching the web for the authentic WW2 cleaning fluid that is carcinogenic. You have a full gross of the little grease pots that fit in the stock. You are able to hit the barn from two farms over. Mags are for klutzes! Your safety is both subtle and easy to use. Your sling cost more than the Mosin-Nagant. Your sight is the only peep sight youve ever seen on a battle rifle. Your bayonet doubles as a fighting knife. You can put a whole clip into a man-sized target at 200 yards. Service life: 30 years. When out of ammo your rifle is an excellent club. Recoil? The .30-06 is a manly cartridge effective past 500 yards and capable of triumphing over the finest from Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Communist North Korea, and taking any animal in North America. Dont be wimping out about the recoil. The 03 Springfield, now, that had recoil! Your rifle was used by the free world to turn back the tide of totalitarianism. You bought your rifle from the Office of the Civilian Marksmanship Program for $600 and are tickled that the government the GOVERNMENT! sent the rifle to your home. You buy ammo by the case and debate the advantage of Lake City over Greek or Korean or Federal. You consider it a badge of honor to know first hand what “Garand Thumb” is. You secretly smile when the guy next to you gets Garand Thumb. You not so secretly smile when everyone at the range wants to see, hold, and fire your M1. After firing off eight rounds you know in your heart that General George S. Pattons acknowledgment of the M1 as “the greatest implement of battle ever devised” is still true. You relax after a long day at the range by watching “Band of Brothers”. After cleaning your rifle you have a strong urge to liberate a bunch of effete Europeans again. You have the helmet, the cartridge belt, the butt stock cleaning kit, the muzzle guard, and are still learning about the other accessories. Your rifles finish is boiled linseed oil, which served our nation well, until the advent of the “Matty Mattel.” Your wife tolerates your autographed, framed picture of John C. Garand. Late at night you think of your Garand and feel at one with your Grandfather who carried one from D+10 to Mittersill.

  20. straightarrow Says:

    beautiful WW

  21. Kim du Toit Says:

    I don’t de-blogroll people who call me names. I de-blogroll people who act like assholes — regardless of their sex, creed, color or nation of origin.

  22. Weetabix Says:

    OK, I may be slow and all, but isn’t this the post condensed:

    Everybody’s an expert.
    KdT offers his opinions on rifles.

    Perhaps he’d like to hear my opinions on supermarket loyalty cards. After all, I own and use several of them quite proficiently, and I’ve read about them, so surely my opinions are every bit as valid…

    {snip} this is one reason I’ve shied away from intarw3bz gun boards so much; everybody’s an expert, and nobody’s opinion counts for more than anyone else’s. Any enthusiastic hobbyist can hang out a shingle and profess their expertise.

    As time has gone by, the list of people whose opinion on guns to which I give any serious consideration has gotten mighty damn short. After all, if I know more about the topic than you do and have more hands-on experience than you do, why should I listen?”

    Everyone who didn’t discuss platform differences in comments on the various blogs seems to have referred obliquely to Tam’s intent, but if anyone asked her directly what her intent was, I missed it.

    I have to admit that I read Tam’s post as, “Kim’s an enthusiastic hobbyist masquerading as an expert on firearms. He doesn’t know nearly as much as I know about them. His opinion doesn’t warrant my consideration any more. Why should I listen to anything he has to say?”

    The comment about the supermarket cards seemed to be meant sardonically: “I’m a gun expert, and you’re an ignorant amateur. You made your living as one of the top loyalty program experts, and you may or may not own some guns. I make my living as a top gun expert, and I have a loyalty card. If your gun expertise is as good as mine, then my supermarket card expertise is as good as yours.”

    Tam – Did I understand it right? Or did you mean something else? Not challenging you here – just asking because I don’t always read between the lines very well.

    And, if that is what you did mean, why would you be surprised that your opinion didn’t please him? If I think someone’s dopey and I call him that, I don’t expect him to feel warm and fuzzy about me.

    Just sayin’.

  23. straightarrow Says:

    Kim du Toit Says:

    July 27th, 2008 at 11:05 am
    “I dont de-blogroll people who call me names. I de-blogroll people who act like assholes regardless of their sex, creed, color or nation of origin.”

    Uh, say that again. It’s funny, if not true.

    Remember, I am one of those you tried to abuse and your wife tried to abuse. When not accepted quietly, what happened? Uh Huh! I think I don’t trust your integrity. Of course, I admit I may be biased, as I am always suspicious of emotionally high maintenance men.

    Especially when they whine.