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Crushing dissent

So, in NH, it looks like there was a law passed and someone has been convicted of not threatening a public official. You see, threatening them was upgraded to a felony. And talking sternly to them is now a misdemeanor:

It was always illegal to threaten a public official, but what was in the past generally considered a misdemeanor in most cases was also upgraded under the new law to a Class B felony. The change makes jail time more likely for those convicted of threatening the current and former governors, legislators, judges and a variety of other public officials and their families — even if the public official has no reasonable fear for his or her safety.

That leaves open an awful lot of room for abuse.

3 Responses to “Crushing dissent”

  1. pwolfman Says:

    So…if you say “Let’s Tar and Feather them all!!” , you will be guilty of a misdemeanor? What about “throw the bums out!” being assault and all, or “put them in stocks!”?

    Once you start to stifle political speech, what follows? And why can’t the politicians get a backbone and thick skin about things said about them? Don’t even get me started on the “elite” class of politicians!!!

    my wife does not thank you for getting me riled up…:) (as well as the cats have scattered when I started talking to the screen)


  2. ATLien Says:

    They’re like us…only better.

  3. Justthisguy Says:

    I think this thing is counterproductive even to the politicians’ interests, as it might cause some people to skip the “threat” stage and go right to violence.

    Hung for a sheep as a lamb, and all.