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Post Heller Challenges

Sebastian has a look at some cases out there. Definitely worth reading and following links.

And if you ever wonder what we gunbloggers talk about when we’re not blogging, it’s which of these cases are good and which are bad. For instance, someone is going to challenge the machine gun ban. We just hope it’s not someone who’s retarded. Someone running headlong into court screaming SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is going to lose and do damage to the cause, whereas someone who does it smart may still lose (and probably will – let’s face it the courts as of now will not unban machine guns) but can set the case up in a way that the result is still favorable.

4 Responses to “Post Heller Challenges”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Being right does not negate being an asshole and being an asshole can do more damage to your cause.

    I hate it. I agree with the SNBI group that the laws are bad and we’ve moved too far away from the original intent of the Constitution. But being pigheaded about it will only push people away from our cause. We CAN get the rights back, but we’re simply going to have to do it incrementally. It sucks, but then again so does gravity, and yelling and screaming at it won’t change the fact that you’re going to hit the ground hard.

  2. Boondoggie Says:

    We lost our rights incrementally, unfortunately that’s how we’ll have to get them back.

  3. straightarrow Says:

    I am not cruel, I wouldn’t scare the poor timid man on purpose, ergo, I can’t check it out. Anyone else want to do a synopsis?

  4. 1894C Says:

    Preach on SA!