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“Climate Change Delusion”

Global Warming is now a mental illness.


PSYCHIATRISTS have detected the first case of “climate change delusion” – and they haven’t even yet got to Kevin Rudd and his global warming guru.

Writing in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Joshua Wolf and Robert Salo of our Royal Children’s Hospital say this delusion was a “previously unreported phenomenon”.

“A 17-year-old man was referred to the inpatient psychiatric unit at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne with an eight-month history of depressed mood . . . He also . . . had visions of apocalyptic events.”

4 Responses to ““Climate Change Delusion””

  1. Weisenheimer Brainstorm Says:

    So people who obsess on global warming are mentally ill. That sounds about right.

  2. GrumpyUnk Says:

    Global Warming is now Finally recognized as the mental illness it is.

    There ya go. Fixed it for ya. 😉

  3. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    So what does that tell us about people who obsess about people they think obsess about global warming?

  4. Jackanapes Says:

    Or the people-who-obsess-about-the-people-who-obsess-about-people-they-think-obsess -about global warming? What about them then, HEY?

    Besides, they deride instead.

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