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Evil comes to the city (my the city)

Via some random clickity that started with this post from R. Neal, I discovered that my subdivision now is part of Google’s street views. Creepy. However, they still show a cow pasture where my house is on their satellite view.

5 Responses to “Evil comes to the city (my the city)”

  1. guy Says:

    When was the last time you were up on your roof?

  2. guy Says:

    gah link deal didn’t work linky: camouflage

  3. Michael Silence Says:

    And I thought I was getting tired of condo life.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    They have my old truck from street-view and had my older truck on sattellite, but the new sat-pic has trees obscuring the view.

  5. DoubleTapper Says:

    It’s even creepier when you live in an area that is a target for Arab Terrorists.

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel