Training with Todd Jarret

I won the gun blogger contest with ParaUSA. Heading to Blackwater’s training facility to shoot between 1,000 & 1,500 rounds with Todd Jarrett.

Also, a little birdie told me that ParaUSA will be going live with their AR-15 that you got a sneak peak of here.

And a big thank you go those of you who voted for me!

32 Responses to “Training with Todd Jarret”

  1. john says:


  2. Robert says:

    It was my vote that put you over the top. I accept payment in kruggerands, bullion, oil, coconut palms and homegrown ripe tomatoes.

  3. Rustmeister says:

    When will the others find out if they’re in?

  4. SayUncle says:

    they’re making calls now.

  5. trainer says:

    You are very welcome. Enjoy and take pictures.

  6. SayUncle says:

    Pictures? it will be on TeeVee!

  7. ParatrooperJJ says:

    have fun!

  8. Ninth Stage says:


  9. Sailorcurt says:

    Anyone who didn’t think one of the rock stars of the community wouldn’t be going…

    When I started thinking about it, I figured about eight “shoe-ins” which only left two spots for scrubs like me…pretty long odds.

    With that said though, even though I’m not invited to the “big event”, I live less than an hour from Blackwater so I fully expect invitations to any extra-curricular meetups/dinners/activities.

    OK…maybe “expect” is too strong a word. How about “I hope you’ll take pity on me and invite me to any dinners or meetups so you can regale me with stories of your shooting prowess at Blackwater.”

  10. Bitter says:

    Actually, Sailorcurt, I think you’ll be surprised when all of the announcements are made. Those who you thought were shoe-ins likely were not.

  11. TD says:

    Congratulations, sir!

  12. Tam says:

    Cool! Congrats! 🙂

  13. Joe Huffman says:

    Uncle, I’ll see you there. I got an email asking for my phone number so they could call to congratulate me.

    Whooo hoooo!!!!!

  14. chris says:

    That is great, amigo.

    You had my vote.

  15. DirtCrashr says:

    Way to go, you and Joe!! Have fun and post till you puke. 😉 Will the Para AR have an LDA trigger?

  16. Sebastian says:

    I didn’t make it… so I guess a lot of people read me, but no one really loves me :'(

  17. HardCorps says:

    You rock uncle! I’m glad my vote still counts in some situations…
    See if you can get some rifle time there. Pistols won’t do much on the battlefield 😉

  18. Robb Allen says:

    Speaking of shoe in surprises… I’m still scratching my head over that one, buddy.

    I’ll see you there Uncle & Joe. I’m as giddy as a school girl getting a pony for Christmas. And why, oh Lord, does that sound perverted?

    Sailorcurt, the entire thing is going to be in Blackwater, meals and all, so I don’t know if there’s going to be any outside activities, however some of us may be there a day earlier and could meet in…uh… wherever it is we’re supposed to meet.

  19. Sebastian says:

    You tried pretty hard. And your posts on it were good. I held back thinking I would easily win. I was wrong. Next time I will just shamelessly promote myself far and wide 🙂

  20. USCitizen says:

    Cool! Congratulations all!

  21. JR says:

    I have a room at the Norfolk Airport Hampton Inn on Thursday night with an extra bed if anyone is getting there early and wants to save a couple of $’s.

  22. I still haven’t used my free Front Site training.

  23. Fiftycal says:

    OK, OK, it was me. I put you over the top because you PROMISED better swag than the other guys. Now you aren’t going to forget me, are you? I mean, like, after all, it WAS me. You won like by 2 votes, right? Well those were MY votes. I’ll take a PARA as a prize. So, like, you can mail it to me, right?

  24. ColtCCO says:

    Congrats. I would love to train with Jarret, he’s an absolute cyborg.

    I’d have to put myself in the Tam category of “Para don’t want me”. I’ve never seen a Para I couldn’t break repeatedly. Seen more broken LDA parts than I can shake a plastic mainspring housing at. The master gunsmith (24 years) has made it quite clear that the only work they can do to more than temporarily improve a Para is to jack up the front sight, install any other brand of 1911 other than RIA under it, and then replace the front sight with a new one – and I doubt they’d want my cynical ass spouting that all over their nice new promotional event.

    Enjoy it – you’ll get worlds of shooty goodness from the event, in any case, and it ought to be a ton of fun.


  25. ColtCCO says:

    Oh, yeah, and I DID vote for you.


  26. Laughingdog says:

    “I have a room at the Norfolk Airport Hampton Inn on Thursday night with an extra bed if anyone is getting there early and wants to save a couple of $s.”

    I can top that. I have an apartment in Old Town Portsmouth. I have a sofa that’s nearly a twin sized bed, as well as an unopened bottle of Glen Breton Ice single malt whiskey if one of the winners doesn’t care to fork out money on a hotel. You can just compensate me by talking guns and describing day with Todd Jarrett in detail over either single malt whiskey or some good beer at the local brewery down the street.

    You can find my email through my blog if you’re interested.

  27. Sailorcurt says:

    There are lots of great restaurants in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. I can set up a reservation for Thursday evening somewhere if anyone is interested. Just let me know how many, what style of food you want and a price range.

    E-mail me:

    Laughingdog: I’ll let you know if we get aything set up.

  28. Bitter says:


    It’s unfair to assume that had you been to the Bash that “Para wouldn’t want” you. They conducted the contest with the utmost integrity, and regardless of Tam’s stated positions that she clearly has had issues with the company before, they offered her a position based on vote counts.

    You may dislike the company, and that’s fine. But making statements that assume they wouldn’t allow you to attend if you had been eligible and received the votes is not at all an accurate representation of the work they have done with the Blog Bash and with bloggers. I would ask that any commentary on the subject at least recognize them for their work on that front, regardless of your opinions of their products or previous customer service issues.

  29. Ride Fast says:

    I voted for someone who won??? I feel like I’m part of the cool clique now. Congrats.

  30. Dad says:

    I demand a recount. those Chads were hanging. Way to go Son.

  31. DirtCrashr says:

    Like RideFast I think it’s cool that a couple people I have met are going and I am happy for you all. Personally I’d rather take a carbine-class and not embarrass myself with the SemiHandenboomer – my old ’43 is likely to break or something anyhow. 😉