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Get your activism on

So, we’ve had quite the victory with Heller. As noted before: The Heller decision is not the call of victory, but a call to battle.

Within minutes of Heller, a suit was filed in Illinois. Other suits have been filed/announced. In other words, it’s go-time. Go-time requires money. Several gun rights organizations are active in these lawsuits and could use the money:

The NRA Institute for Legislative Action is the group at NRA filing lawsuits. Click here to donate.

The Illinois State Rifle Association filed suit within 15 minutes of Heller. Click here to donate

The Second Amendment Foundation is also active in various lawsuits. Click here to donate.

So, give these folks a buck or two.

Update: Note that I listed several options. This is a trollphylactic for anyone who wants to show up and say No way I’m giving to X because they pissed me off that one time when they did that one thing.

Update: And Cali too!

7 Responses to “Get your activism on”

  1. JR Says:


    That made my day!

  2. Sebastian Says:

    There’s no way I’m giving money to those horrible people at the NRA. At a banquet one time, I specifically was told there would be ice cream with sprinkles on top. We got the ice cream alright, but guess what? No god damned sprinkles.

    I just can’t forgive them for a transgression like that.

  3. Bitter Says:

    I can tolerate NRA just fine, it’s those damn Illinois residents. There’s this one who has all these crazy rants about change. I don’t think I want that psycho to have a gun. Keep the ban as long as the crazy lives on in Chicago!

  4. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    The cocoa the NRA gave me had no marshmallows in it… And the rats eat a little more of my foot every night.

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    I’m a life member of the CRPA, but sometimes they screw things up badly so I’ll probably give to the NRA-ILA instead and Calguns Foundation who are very active locally.

  6. jayhafe Says:

    I tried to donate, but can’t. I work in Iraq, so my address is an APO. ILA’s system doesn’t have the ability to process a credit card with an APO address.


  7. SayUncle Says:

    jay, not sure. Will have to check.

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