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Even more on that lunatic fringe

Remember, they keep telling us we’re nuts to think the .gov might seize weapons.

If we’re crazy, why does the city of San Francisco have New and Aggressive Gun Seizure Benchmarks?

Part of their anti-gun tactics. They actually use that phrase. The honesty is refreshing compared to the usual We’re not anti-gun but . . . we’re used to hearing.

Update: Good thing the good guys are taking the fight there.

With bonus gay joke in comments!

9 Responses to “Even more on that lunatic fringe”

  1. Rabbit Says:

    GunStop sounds like a great name for a full-line, full-service firearms emporium to me.

    Let the PSH continue.


  2. Rob K Says:

    “Also offer $500 dollars for any tip leading to the seizure of an assault weapon no arrest necessary.”

    That’s a money maker, right there. Buy a bunch of crappy 300$ “assault weapons”, plant them in various places, call in anonymously and collect 500$ per. That’ll keep you in ammo.

  3. Gene Says:

    Any fee to register a right is considered a tax and unconstitutional.
    How about a class action suit to return all registration fees.

  4. David Says:

    Chuck Michel just posted details of the NRA’s Plan of Action for California:

  5. Ron W Says:

    “I mean this distrust of Democrats by gun owners is unnerving. I mean, if only someone could go set up a group with a pro-gun sounding name like, say, American Hunters and Shooters Association that endorsed Democrats only.”

    No wonder this group can endorse anti-gunners. They either have guns within a narrow licensed activity (hunting) and have them confined to shooting ranges so they don’t threaten criminals or tyrants…the only two groups who have a reason to fear our guns

  6. Lyle Says:

    Rob K; Great idea, but how do you collect the money anonymously?

  7. teqjack Says:

    Well, they are seizing illegal guns, OK?

    Anyway, there are only two classes of guns they want to be illegal:

    1. guns used by (or which look like they might be used by) military and paramilitary, which obviously should be restricted to those groups

    2. guns NOT used by the military, since they must not be useful as defensive (or presumably hunting/sports) weapons

    Simple. Any more questions?

  8. bob r Says:

    …but how do you collect the money anonymously?

    From the article:

    􀂃 Call 415-575-4444, supply information, given anonymous ID

    􀂃 Call back in three weeks, if led to arrest, given bank code

    􀂃 Anonymously retrieve reward from any branch of San Francisco bank (bank is to be determined)

  9. bob r Says: