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KAG on gas: I just spent $72.

I can’t fill my truck up because all the pumps in my town stop at $75. I have a 22.5 gallon tank and the pumps shut off at about 18 gallons. Gas stations probably should up their limit.

9 Responses to “Gas”

  1. Jay G. Says:

    I can’t fill my Dodge (26 gallon tank; yes, that’s over $100 if I let it get down to fumes…) either.

    And to make matters even more fun, some gas stations won’t let you use the same credit card twice in a row… Talk about adding insult to injury…

  2. drstrangegun Says:

    The decision I made 3 years ago to purchase a smaller truck turns out to be a daily blessing now.

    If I’m mindfully wasteful I get 24mpg… driving normally it’s 27 and if I drive from the MPG gauge I’ve managed a staggering 30.9mpg as a record for a day.

    Yeah, I can barely get out of my own way uphills, but I can still fill the bed and tow 3000lbs if necessary. It’s too bad GM stopped making the S10/Sonoma and grew their small truck into the Canyon/Colorado, though I hear they get nearly the mileage I get. ’03 GMC Sonoma 2.2l five speed.

  3. HardCorps Says:

    Yea, I have an ’07 F150. I never let it get below half because I’d have a heart attack at about 80 dollars…

  4. Lornkanaga Says:

    You should always refill your tank well before it gets to half–you can’t exactly bug-out with less than half a tank. 😉

  5. straightarrow Says:

    my pickup is 23 years old and takes a beating and it shows. It has 360 cu.i. engine and a towing package. I can watch the gas guage fall, but dammit, I am fond of the truck, and I don’t get all upset when it gets a new ding on top of an old one. I think I’ll keep it, purely out of sentiment. Or because I can’t really afford a new one. 😉

  6. Cactus Jack Says:

    I never let my gas tank drop below half either and with a 36 gallon tank on my ’07 Ford F-150 that’s still a lotta driving.

  7. Rob K Says:

    The limits on the card at the pump aren’t really the gas station’s doing; it’s the credit card companies that dictate that. They don’t want to have to pay too much for theft.

    I have a `90 S-10 w/ a 4 cylinder 2.5L and 5 speed manual. I got 27mpg last week. Not as good as I can do in my `99 3.6L Montana mini-van though.

  8. The Tarquin Says:

    Interesting (to me, anyway) note on pump limits: they instituted those limits a few years ago when gasoline became a popular target for credit/debit card thieves. (Grab a card, go down to the local Mom-and-Pop Fillerup, run it as credit so you don’t need to know the PIN, and fuel your gallopy and a trunk full of gas cans and you’ve saved some money AND turned someone else’s digital cash into an extremely valuable commodity. Of course once you’ve done it once then you want to ditch the card, since the owner will soon be canceling it and using just serves as a big “YO, THIS IS WHERE I’M SHOPPING” to the Feds.)

    They arrived at the $75 and $100 dollar limits (for debit and credit transactions, respectively) because that, at the time, was just over the amount it took to fill up the largest tanks generally put on consumer vehicles in all the fuel markets in the country.

  9. Kristopher Says:


    I just start a second transaction.

    It goes through just fine.

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