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My mom’s gonna kill me (but not with a gun)

In Montana:

During a question and answer session before seniors and other supporters at the Yellowstone County Council on Aging Office Friday morning, Chelsea said, “We also need to do more with gun control. And my mom supports- naturally what she supported in New York. Which is: we have different gun control laws in New York City than we do in upstate New York.”

And there goes all that work to appear pro gun that nobody was buying any way. And later in the same piece:

Kennedy introduced Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before her speech in Billings on Tuesday night, where he said that Senator Clinton would protect Montanans Second Amendment rights.

The former First Daughter as standard practice does not do interviews with the media, so the News Station’s Aaron Flint was unable to ask Chelsea Clinton a follow up question regarding the remarks.

I guess that’s in case, like now, she didn’t get the memo on what to say.

8 Responses to “My mom’s gonna kill me (but not with a gun)”

  1. Robert Says:

    Someone needs to take Chelsea pistol shooting so she can finally learn to understand what “is” is. Her parents may be mindless flacks but she ought to live in reality.

  2. JJR Says:

    What a dumb thing to say…especially in Montana. D’oh!

    Robert: Let’s hope a Secret Service agent takes pity on her and gives her a brief education on firearms & firearms safety.

  3. Robert Says:

    These folks are dumber than you might believe, especially for millionaires.

  4. Chas Says:

    The former First Daughter as standard practice does not do interviews with the media because she’s too damn stupid to even be trusted to function as a mouthpiece for her mother without being scripted. Between loyalty to her parents on the one hand, and some relation to reality and integrity on the other, she’s understandably decided to go with family. It’s sort of like she’s a Manson girl – if you don’t expect much from her, you won’t be disappointed. At least they didn’t have her lobotomized like the Kennedy’s did with Rosemary. I mean, the Clinton’s didn’t have Chelsea lobotomized did they? I mean, did they?

  5. nk Says:

    Chelsea’s just fine. Give the Clintons credit for that. Amoral, opportunistic, shitkickers that they may be, they raised themselves a fine, honest girl.

  6. Ghost of George Wallace Says:

    “we have different gun control laws in New York City than we do in upstate New York.”

    …and a different set of rights for Negroes in Alabama than what they do in New York and Vermont.

  7. Robert R. Says:

    What’s with the Chelsea bashing?

    Sheez. Yeah, I hate the Clintons as much as anybody, but just because she’s campaigning for her mother doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Shouldn’t the “family values” crowd appreciate the sacrifice she’s making?

    I think her views on gun control are wrong, but she’s still smarter than most people I’ve met at gun owner meetings.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Clinton, Clinton and Clinton are smart…smart enough to make people think that they’ll protect their freedoms while they plan, plot and do take them away. That’s especially true re: the RKBA. “I’ll protect the 2nd Amendment” usually means, “I’ll let the quaint little peasants keep their hunting guns…for now, but NOT the CHOICE to acquire, keep AND CARRY the means of self-defense…like what you pay for for me.

    Oh yeah, speaking of “pro-choice”, Clinton, Clinton and Clinton support the right of a woman to choose to kill her unborn child for any and all reasons, but NOT her choice to carry the means to kill a rapist who may be the reason for a pregnancy…or death.

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