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Quote of the day

Seen at Radley’s:

The only problem with living in a libertarian utopia is that youd have to live with a bunch of libertarians.

13 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Billy Beck Says:

    I’d take my own chances.

  2. HardCorps Says:

    You live with a bunch of people who didn’t want to control your life with violence and the treat of it? Oh NOESSS!!

  3. SayUncle Says:

    I dunno, they tend to be an ornery bunch.

  4. Stormy Dragon Says:

    >I dunno, they tend to be an ornery bunch.

    That’s why man invented fences.

  5. Billy Beck Says:

    If they’re “ornery”, Unc, it’s not hard to understand why. We’re talking about people with an abiding thirst for freedom, which is something that they know that they have never seen in their lives. In America, no less.

    I’d say that everyone else is lucky with “ornery”. If Ethan Allen were on the scene, he’d wheel-up cannon and start blowing great bloody holes in the Capitol dome.

  6. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    Gotta watch out for those “crazy-L” libertarians.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Just loved the comments there.

    Radley is trying to argue electability, and the Big-L anarchists are wandering off on debates about “Is child sex initiation of force?”.

    You have the Anarchists wandering off into this kind of weirdness … and then you have the minarchist endorsing LINOs like the current candidate.

    I think that, if you are serious about electioneering, you should just join the liberty caucus of one of the two big parties and be done with it.

  8. HardCorps Says:


    you’re right, I should just walk up the nearest federal bldg and lie prostrate until they pick me up and put me in a rape cage for the rest of my life. What’s the point of fighting for freedom anymore right?

    Wow, if these Benedict Arnolds are sharing their true thoughts on a blog, I doubt I’ll see them on the battle field by my side…but I might see them under my front sight post..?

  9. HardCorps Says:

    One way or another, I’ll be seeing you and your ilk in the future Kris 😉

  10. Lyle Says:

    “…youd have to live with a bunch of libertarians.”

    Wouldn’t they allow me the freedom to live with anyone I choose? Would Libertarians stop me from joining a commune if it was my wish to do so?

  11. nk Says:

    Nobody can live with Libertarians. Living with Libertarians is a contradiction in terms.

    For example, I definitely would not want HardCorps by my side in a fight. He might decide that that was his naptime and who is anyone to tell him different?

  12. HardCorps Says:

    I know it’s much better having someone point a gun and you and tell you when your naptime is 😉

    I just don’t know how anyone would get by without dictation on how they can spend their money, and what guns are ok to own or not.

  13. nk Says:

    I meant it as much as you meant taking a bead at poor Kris, HardCorps.

    Well, maybe a little more. People are social cooperative animals and as Nietzsche said, “The nobility of slaves is defiance, the nobility of soldiers is obedience”.

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