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Knowing v. believing

Mr. Eblen penned an article singing the praises of the American Hunters And Shooters Association. Apparently, people let him know that this group was a sham. And he responds with this tripe:

As expected, I heard an earful about my column last week on a new gun group that opposes the National Rifle Association’s hard-line views and allegiance to the Republican Party.

NRA loyalists from around the country sent me e-mails echoing the organization’s claim that a small rival, the American Hunters & Shooters Association, is just a “front” for gun-control activists. They said that anything that weakens absolute Second Amendment freedom is a slippery slope that will lead to the nation being disarmed.

I believe just the opposite is true — and I think many gun owners realize it.

You just believe and also probably feel. The difference is that those of us who pay attention actually know that the American Hunters And Shooters Association is a sham group. And in a huge twist of irony that is so obvious to anyone with two brain cells and who is not a journalist, the AHSA is exactly what it accuses the NRA of being. It is a group set up by the DLC to give Democrats some pro-gun credibility.

The NRA endorses based on issues. Here in Tennessee, they endorse more Democrats than Republicans. How many Republicans as AHSA endorsed?

6 Responses to “Knowing v. believing”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Here in Tennessee, they endorse more Democrats than Republicans.

    That was my first thought. NRA’s endorsed plenty of Democrats. It’s not a matter of the NRA endorsing the national GOP platform, so much as it’s the Democrat leadership in this country endorsing civilian disarmament.

  2. Mike Says:

    If only there was some sort of group dedicated to investigating claims like those made by AHSA, subjecting them to critical thought, investigating wether those claims correspond to reality, and then informing the public of the truth. Oh wait, there are people who do that – they’re called bloggers. Mr. Eblen should take lessons.

  3. JJR Says:

    This is called ASTROTURFING, i.e. very fake “grassroots”.

    I’m a Lefty but in the NRA, too.

  4. Winghunter Says:

    Since he openly confessed he had no idea what he was talking about, I gave him everything he needed to learn…the only question is, will he put the small amount of effort in when it’s handed to him.

  5. Kasper Says:

    Was it just me or did he just blame the NRA for the police seizing firearms in New Orleans?

  6. Justthisguy Says:

    Eric Flint, the SF writer, is a serious Trotskyite. That’s why he makes a point of working at his trade, as a machinist. And keeping his rifle by his side, at his lathe. No “People’s Commissars” for him, telling him to store his rifle in the armory until they issue it back to him.

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