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The state does it better

Dr. Helen had a spook from the IRS. IRS did the right thing and acknowledged their mistake.

If the state of Tennessee makes a mistake, you will pay for it:

SayUncle v. Professional Privilege Taxes
SayUncle v. Professional Privilege Taxes 2
SayUncle v. Professional Privilege Taxes 3

Coincidentally, I received this years bill on time and with no problems.

3 Responses to “The state does it better”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Do you have to complete the DMA form? The Designation of Material Assistance to Terrorism form that asks if you provide assistance to listed terriorist groups. What a waste of tax dollars that one is.

  2. Jay Johnson Says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the Professional Privilege taxes. I’ve got to get that nonsense paid today.

  3. gemini Says:

    We received our refund check last week; it was exactly $1000 less than expected. Called the IRS and after waiting on hold for less than 5 minutes, a very nice woman said the problem seemed to be that their records reflected that we had paid $1000 less on one estimate than we thought we had. She advised me to get the cancelled check in question.

    Since I do banking online, I was able to print out the check right away. Called back, another 5 minute or so wait, and then I got another very pleasant woman. She listened to me read the # off the back of the check, looked in their records, and said, “yup, that’s your check – I see your name and SSN. But it was credited to someone else’s account.”

    She apologized, fixed it, and said we’d have a check in about 2 weeks.

    Now obviously, I would prefer that this mistake hadn’t happened, but I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service and responsiveness displayed by the IRS folks I talked with.