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Para AR

At the NRA convention, I learned that ParaUSA was getting into the AR game. Check them out:

Click to embiggen.

They have no info on their page and have done no pressers. So, you can consider this an almost exclusive. Or rather, as exclusive as it can be when 70K other people may have seen it at the convention too.

Anyway, some interesting bits (and these are from memory so I may be wrong). You’ll notice that the stock folds, which is odd for an AR. They use a short bolt carrier assembly with a spring already in it. This, in addition to allowing it to be fitted with a folding stock, also means that the firing cycle is shorter. As such, a full auto version can likely fire much faster. And if I recall correctly, it has a gas piston system instead of a gas tube. This keeps its insides cleaner and enhances reliability. And they look cool.

Update: Probably not a piston system. See comments. I said I could be wrong.

5 Responses to “Para AR”

  1. ben Says:

    What? No “sproing… sproing… sproingsproingsproing”?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Did not fire it but I imagine there will be no sproing in your ear.

  3. Code3Patriot Says:

    Todd Jarrett is a big fan of the Z-M Weapons AR design, the Para rifles appear to use Z-M’s folding stock system. More and more players are coming out with gas piston designs, and in the next ten years I think you’ll see DI AR uppers go the way of the dinosaur.

  4. David Says:

    Yaay! I’m gonna be building an AR and was looking at the Z-M, but it’s waaaay too pricey. Hopefully Para will be able to knock the price down a little bit on volume.

  5. ColtCCO Says:

    Be aware that the ZM Weapons system is not a piston gun, rather it’s a forward spring assembly with a long (and skinny) gas key setup that allows for the folding stock. In other words, it’s some cleaner, but not next-generation “piston” operation. It doesn’t do what POF, HK, LWRC, PWS or even Ares do in terms of clean, cool operation, still transmits all the heat to the bolt carrier group.

    I did quite a bit of research on the ZM, and the main advantage is the folding stock operation. Bushmaster’s sister company YHM had little luck selling many of them, as the design is not new at all, and has never been marketed “sexy” like HK, so now it’s time to put another name on the venerable ZM sidefolder.

    I respect Todd Jarret very much as a shooter, but he also claims to like the Para LDA, the operating system of which is one of the most exceptional pieces of crap to hit the 1911 market since ever. Ask your local gunsmith about Para LDA. I suspect that any fully-funded competitive shooter really likes whatever is made by the company he’s got printed on his contract and the front of his hat.