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Get their EBR on

At the NRA Convention, they gave Glenn Beck a rifle. It was a musket of some kind and I’m sure it was quite nice. At a mixer after, I told Cam Edwards of NRA News that they should give future speakers Evil Black Rifles. I even told him that I’d build an AR-15 for the event. Can’t go wrong with that. After all, service rifles have changed. I think in terms of symbolism, such a gesture would be huge. After all, the AR-15 is the most popular sporting rifle in the country.

7 Responses to “Get their EBR on”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    I’ll pay to have the lower engraved with “Cold, dead hands” or some other sentiment.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Definitely any NRA giveaways to notablespeakers and such should be modern weapons servicable for the purpose of self-defense AND the defense of liberty from “all enemies foreign and domestic”. You know, the purpose for which the 2nd Amendment was ratified. I suppose it would be OK to give a hunting gun IF the person was an avid hunter.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    That’s an excellent idea, but honestly I think the reason they give away presentation-grade front-stuffer charcoal burners is that they aren’t “firearms” according to the BATFU, and anyone (not a felon) can receive one anywhere without having to undergo a background check.

  4. John E Says:

    An AR-10 type rifle would serve as both a defense or hunting rifle. However, I think a better point would be made by giving them Barrett M-82 or equivalent. You can hunt anything with one of those. 🙂

  5. Robert Says:

    Amen. As usual, I noticed that the entry hall looked lined with big photos of people with SHOTGUNS broken over their shoulders. (“I’m the NRA but I don’t have a rifle” ad series.)


  6. Squeaky Wheel Says:

    You said “M4”. 🙂 Which, frankly, would be more entertaining.

  7. Flintlock Tom Says:

    I second the motion to hand out the Barrett M-82, but good luck waving it over your head with one hand.

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