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Carry in GA

In Georgia, concealed carry laws have been greatly expanded. In TN, they would be too if Naifeh wasn’t speaker.

2 Responses to “Carry in GA”

  1. Zero Says:

    Man, this is going to make it way easier for us Georgians to take back our part of the Tennessee river! 🙂

  2. Lyle Says:

    “The law defines restaurants as businesses that “derive less than 50 percent of their total annual gross food and beverage sales from the sale of prepared meals or food.””

    I’me sure that’s an editing error. Should be “…more than 50%”…, surely.

    Anyway, so I have to see a detailed income statement from the proprietor before I enter the premise, and like, a 100 dollar difference from year to year in the sales figures could make all the difference? Like, one good tip? That’ll keep us safe. I’m sure that’s what the Founders had in mind. No doubt.