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Did not know that

I did not know that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership traveled back in time to get the Gun Control Act of 1968 passed:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is responsible for three sensible laws that shouldn’t be negated by the Supreme Court. The 1968 Gun Control Act lists the kind of individuals that should never be allowed to buy or own guns.

I knew Ronnie Barrett was an insidious time-traveler but not the Brady Bunch.

3 Responses to “Did not know that”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    I thought the Brady Camp opposed NICS because they wanted a waiting period.

    “Now there are hundreds of ads for machine guns, large-capacity magazines, and ammunition on the Internet.” — Machine guns? Really? (Plus, ammunition could always be sold online.)

    This a pretty damn funny editorial.

  2. Hartley Says:

    Oh. man – and she gets her potookus handed to her in the comments – they are really worth reading – no nut cases, just reasoned (and fact-filled) responses. I am so glad the pro-rights side has gotten it’s act together.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Wasn’t Brady shot in 1981? How could they seriously make a claim to anything that happened before then?