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No thanks

The Christian Science Monitor (who is usually full of anti-gun PSH) proposes that the gun industry take a cue from the SCUBA industry and create its own licensing and registration system. No thanks. The firearm industry does plenty to promote safety and protect the rights of gun owners.

3 Responses to “No thanks”

  1. Mark Says:

    Oh, wow, what a useful suggestion. Considering the lies, propaganda, bias, and irresponsible stories printed EVERY DAY, I have a great idea for them.
    “You go first”.

  2. Chris Says:

    I have a PADI scuba license…

    It took me 2 days to get, at a cost of about $200. No background check or law enforcement involvement was required.
    It’s good everywhere… worldwide.
    It never expires, good until I die, with no renewal required.
    No records are kept of when or where I dive, what equipment I purchase, there’s no limits on what I can buy and sell, how often, or how much.
    I can build my own scuba gear.
    A 12 year old can get a permit, with parental consent.
    A 18 year old no longer needs parental consent.

    I suppose I could live with that compromise, though it violates the 2nd amendment. At least it does so far less than the millions of restrictions placed on our rights today!

  3. Denise Says:

    The NRA already has certificates for anything from safe handgun use to range safety officer to reloading etc. I’ve taken some of their classes and they haven’t hurt me any.

    I’m not against classes being available for people to learn safe gun handling. One thing, among others, the article’s author gets wrong is that those who need the class (criminals and idiots) won’t take it and those who would take the class (the huge majority of law-abiding gunowners) don’t need it. Someone said something similar about gun locks, but I’m too lazy (and too much at work) to Google it.

    Also, there’s only one way I’d support any type of gun certifcation/licensing scheme, even if done privately. Everyone, with no exceptions, has to earn a safe gun handling certificate or license that must be shown to buy a gun. No record is kept of who purchases a gun. That way, everyone is trained and there’s no record of who actually owns guns. Here’s a plus, the anti’s would actually have to shoot a gun for once in their lives. Not going to happen, though.