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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Mike Adams:

But the same thing cannot be said of the UNCW political science professor who ultimately changed my views on gun control. He had really strong feelings and a willingness to face people who disagreed with his views. That’s why he came to visit our “Empty Holster Day” table last Tuesday.

But, unfortunately, the political science professor let his feelings get the better of him, which led directly to my change of heart on gun control. He began hurling epithets like “stupid, ignorant, and crazy” to the nineteen year old Millage. He so badly disrupted the event that the College Republican President called me in my office asking that I come over to try and calm him down.

I gladly complied with her request – largely because I know that these events generate intelligent debate until the first professor shows up.

It’s a recurring theme. Almost enough to warrant it’s own category!

One Response to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    “As I was reading the Bible in my office, I reflected on all the childish name-calling by the professor. It was then I realized that a partial gun ban is necessary. Specifically, I concluded that liberals cannot be allowed to own guns, much less carry them on our college campuses. If they cannot control their emotions enough to engage in rational debate, they cannot be expected to handle a firearm responsibly. Handguns were not made for people with shaking hands and raised voices. They were made for those with self-control.”

    There it is! The libs figure everyone is just like them and, like them, are too unstable to posess firearms. No worry about banning libs from gun ownership, I’ve never known or heard of any lib that owned guns anyway.