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I wasn’t the only one who thought he said that

Obama Campaign Calls Racists Republican

So far, most of the racism I’ve seen comes from folks associated with Barack Where’s the Beef Obama.

4 Responses to “I wasn’t the only one who thought he said that”

  1. # 9 Says:

    Barrrrrrack “Eddie Haskell” Obama has lost his mind.

  2. Breda Says:

    It’s really a beautiful thing when the Democrats lose an election even before they’ve nominated their candidate.

    Thanks for making my day, Unc. =)

  3. Cactus Jack Says:

    It’s long been my opinion that the people who throw out the “racist” accusation are the real racists.

  4. Dan Says:

    If he loses, that’ll be his “the Supreme Court gave Bush the presidency in 2000.”