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In Chicago this weekend, 32 people were shot. Which is odd because of all that gun control they have, including a ban on the guns that were likely used in all the shootings.

2 Responses to “Unpossible”

  1. Tam Says:

    Don Gwinn has a travel poster and a motivator for the Windy City.

  2. blounttruth Says:

    It was later shown that the shootings from the last two years on the same weekend were 21 shot in 2006 and 28 shot in 2007. This is more “not news” from the anti gun media. Also, most of the gun violence was in high crime and gang areas, which they fail to report in the initial reporting. So 4 more shootings than there were on the same weekend last year, but they are trying to blame this on gun legislation, nice to see media agenda in action!,1,2618220.story

    Also they list this as the weekend numbers, but past years they stopped counting at midnight Sunday morning. This year it wen until 7am Sunday, as stated on the video. What scares me much more than gang members killing each other in the inner city is the following: