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Angry Asian On The Loose

Here’s a livejournal from a guy who everyone thought was the Virginia Tech shooter (I’ve linked him before). They thought it was him because he’s 1) Asian (they all look the same, you know) and 2) he was a gun owner (we’re all crazy and shoot things all the time, you know). Anyway, a year later, he goes back through some things from that time, including his place getting raided and various press interviews. Interesting stuff:


Virginia Tech Aftermath: The Fallout
Virginia Tech Aftermath: THE FLOOD
Virginia Tech Aftermath: Pictures
Virginia Tech Aftermath: Media Requests

3 Responses to “Angry Asian On The Loose”

  1. Stan Says:

    That Geraldo poster he’s got made me chuckle.

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    I had just landed in Oakland the day of the VT massacre, and heard about it while driving to the corporate office. I was there for a week of training, so I missed out on most of the media circus and the internet reaction to it. I’ve never even heard of Wayne Chang, and I’m a member of ARFCOM!

    Damn, that poor guy!

    Thanks for linking all of this. Maybe I’d better replace MY front door with a steel one!

  3. workinwifdakids Says:

    Several things caused me concern:
    * The FBI knew the shooter was dead, and still executed what appears to be a no-knock warrant;
    * The FBI wrote a check to the gentlemen to replace the door, and the FBI’s CHECK allegedly BOUNCED;
    * In serving the warrant, they took all his computer hardware and left all the guns;
    * After hearing the shooter killed himself, hundreds flocked to his web site saying – ahem – they were going to KILL him;
    * Many of the commenters wrote some variation of, “If he didn’t do it, he’ll be next, so we should take his guns NOW”;
    * Most of the anti-gun commenters left racial epithets like chink, nip, or slant-eyes. So much for the tolerant left.

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