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Cav Arms Update

The story so far: CavArms sold polymer lower receivers for AR-15s. The receivers were injection molded off site. CavArms reached an agreement and got an approval letter from BATF stating that the method of off site production was OK! ATF randomly changes it’s mind without telling anyone (like they do a lot) Then, they raid CavArms.

Now, the latest:

ATF has initiated Civil Asset Forfeiture for all of the firearms seized in the raid. The list includes firearms that belong to employees, customers, and were here on consignment. We are not going to let them take it all unchallenged, we have retained counsel specializing in asset forfeiture and will be talking with them this week. We will update with more information as it becomes available.
In Civil Asset Forfeiture, the Government sues the property, and you have to respond as a claimant proving you have a legal right to it. That is the jist of it….google it and you will find a lot of stuff.

The way this stuff works is NOT how they tell you it works in high school civics class. I keep reading posts from people about “well the way things are supposed to be is…!” Well it’s not. The way things are supposed to be and the way they actually are, are two different things.
In Criminal Forfeiture, yes and you have to be convicted. In Civil Forfeiture you have to prove your innocence, or the innocence of the property as not being used in the commission of crimes, etc.

4 Responses to “Cav Arms Update”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Perhaps the “Always Think Forfeiture” people want a few of those snazzy lower receivers for their own tobacco ninjas w/o paying?

  2. jed Says:

    Actually, nobody knows (except those who aren’t telling) whether the raid was because of the offsite manufacture or not. The incident where they went to the injection molding site with an agent present, and were told they were making illegal receivers, happened after the raid, when they tried to re-start production. ATF tossing them a hint? Or just piling on? Without the original ATF memo of variance (or whatever it was), which was siezed by ATF with all the other paperwork, they’re stuck.

  3. retro Says:

    They need to sue the ATF for theft.

  4. Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. Says:

    Screw that, nuke the BATFE. Problem solved.

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