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Gentlemen’s Top Cuts – After Report

I went to Gentlemen’s Top Cuts Saturday for a haircut. They’re not open yet and had a little pre-opening for some local bloggers. It was a blast. The set up is quite nice. I got a tour of all the facilities first. Basically, when you enter there is a bar area. As a customer, you get a beverage of your choice from the bar. When I went, it was 10:30 in the morning which is, on Saturday, an hour and a half shy of beer:30 so it was a soda for me. The have pedicure stations, manicure stations, massage stations, and hair cutting. First, I got a haircut. Ok, I really got just a neck shave and a trim since I’d cut my shoulder length hair down to about a three guard a week ago. Then I got the manicure. It was awesome. I had never had one before (though a while back my wife got me a spa pedicure for Christmas one year). After they trim your nails, you have your hands dipped in paraffin for a bit. They then peel that off and give you a hand massage. I almost fell asleep. Also there were flat screen TeeVees every where and it was obvious that they spared no expense on construction.

The owner told me that since they started taking appointments, they’d scheduled about 20 for next Saturday.

Others were in attendance:

Doug was there and posted his one word review. I was there and, one of these days, his video will be famous on the internet.

Frank Murphy was also there and files a report.

CL from Modern Redneck has two reports here and here.

Also, Lissa Kay tells the prudes to calm down.

6 Responses to “Gentlemen’s Top Cuts – After Report”

  1. Doug McCaughan Says:

    Professional obligations are keeping me from completing my real review at the moment. I’m hoping to have some audio commentary up before they open on Wednesday. If the audio editing takes too long, I’ll at least get something written.

    In the meantime, Cathy had a few words.

  2. Breda Says:

    We bought one of those home paraffin hand dip things for my mom and I still cannot convince my husband to do it. Maybe he’ll try it now that it’s gotten the Unc Seal of Approval!

  3. Jay G. Says:

    This post is worthless without pictures.

  4. Doug McCaughan Says:

    Brittany, Lisa, and Jackie.

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    10:30AM is the perfect time for a Bloody Mary, the breakfast drink…

  6. Metulj Says:

    If you are ever in Atlantic City, go to the men’s spa at the Borgata.* Flat fee for a massage, manicure/pedicure, haircut and a straight razor shave. I am treated to one a year at the beginning of beach season by the wife. Our beach place is just down the shore from AC so its convenient.

    *The only reason to go to AC is the Borgata and to catch the train home. Otherwise the place is a hell hole.

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