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Except their vote counts 10,000 times more than yours

Ya know, Democrats get mad when you call their party the Democrat party instead of the Democratic party. I dunno why since this doesn’t seem very Democratic but does seem very Democrat:

3 Responses to “Except their vote counts 10,000 times more than yours”

  1. AMCer Says:

    It should be pointed out that this UN-democratic system is ONLY for the Democratic Party… The other parties are more democratic in their system.

  2. Bruce Says:

    Relax, it’s for the children.

  3. markm Says:

    Actually, it’s because back in 1972 (the year that their VP nominee turned out to have needed electroshock therapy – but he wasn’t as crazy as their Presidential nominee) they discovered that so many Democratic voters are so nuts (or so incompetent at evaluating the sanity of politicians) that allowing actual democracy inside the Democratic party was apt to result in the party going completely off the rails. . So the super-delegates are supposed to be a defense against that. Not that it helps much when all their choices are as bad as they’ve been lately…